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And To Think I Just Wrote Them A Check For My Credit Card

I think we're getting numb to "bailout news" but the one this morning would have sent shock waves around the world if it had been done a year ago. Here's my understanding. The guvm'ent is sending Citigroup $20 billion of your tax dollars which is in addition to the $25 billion about a month ago (and which we've already forgotten about.) But get this: As part of the plan, the U.S. will guarantee against the "possibility of unusually large losses" on up to $306 billion of risky loans that Citigroup holds. We're doomed.


Anonymous said...

What is the true value of our money..??? can anyone tell me...?

Anonymous said...

When do we start getting our dividend checks?

Anonymous said...

What a joke!! Save your money folks you'll need it for the taxes we'll be slammed with. There's no possible way Obama can keep his promise. I didn't vote for the guy but will tell you he'll get the blame because that's how it works.
Nothing like government owned banks to have to deal with. We have all heard for a number of years how America is being "Dummied Down" we'll that was only the beginning. Now we're being "Monied Down or Poored Down" however you chose to look at it. And the fact we are getting "numb" to the bailouts is exactly what they want us to do. I'm telling you, Nancy Pelosi and the Liberal side scare the hell out of me far more than Obama because Obama can be controlled. Pelosi and her "Save the Country by Spending" method will have her arse run out of Washington with a few others within the next four years. She's a power grabbing idiot like the rest of them and I do mean "all". You can bet they'll all have a good Christmas. The beer cart in Mexico is looking pretty good!!

Anonymous said...

How do you private industry and private banking crowd justify our government bailing out these "private" industries? The very reduction in government oversight and control advocated by Republicans has been key to this current mess. Now our multi-millionaire CEOs are coming to us taxpayers to finance their very poor management of our economy. The government, to their credit, is taking some equity in these firms in exchange for our investment. That may look like creeping socialism to some (it is) but it appears to be necessary to reforming the “hands off” attitude of the last Republican administration.

BTW 10:42, it was Prez Bush who advocated citizens to spend more money in reaction to the panic after 9/11.

Anonymous said...

Woooooo! I don't have a care in the world right now - I just got a letter from the IRS telling me we would be getting $600 back from that economic stimulus thingy they did a while back.......I didn't send my tax stuff in until October 14, along with my $250 tax payment and then last week, my $13.99 penalty.

My accountant said we wouldn't be getting one, since we run our own small bidness and didn't pay that much tax to begin with. I should have made a bet with him.......his $450 fee for doing my taxes over the $600 refund......I'd be $150 at my house on the 30th!

Anonymous said...

If all that original bailout was to wind up in the banks, why don't these idiots go inside and get a loan?

Washington is out of control.

Barry is right.

We ARE doomed.

Anonymous said...

Doomed, doomed I tells ya!

If you doubt the liberal advocacy nature of todays news, watch over the coming months and if you can go 72 hours without a show titled something like, "A land of fear a land of firearms" or "Guns- an American plague"- to help get Obamas anti gun agendas pushed I'll eat my hat on the courthouse lawn and give y'all an hour to gather a crowd.


Arise zombie Reagan. Rise and save us from ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: Al Qaeda will now apply for a bailout.

Denney Crane said...

11:53 AM

"The very reduction in government oversight and control advocated by Republicans has been key to this current mess."

Go spread your crap somewhere else. The relaxed position of the loans was because the Clinton administration pushed and the Democrats provided oversight of it! They Democrats accused Republicans of being a lynch mob!

The Democrats are doing everything in their power to promote socialism!