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Not Exactly Cinemax At Night

It looks like the Feds were after some folks for an Obsenity violation based upon three videos. "The six men and six women [jury] unanimously decided that only one video in the case offended contemporary community standards. It depicted a woman being pierced repeatedly with needles. "During three days of testimony, many jurors were moved to tears while watching that film and the rape video. But they acquitted all three men on counts linked to the rape movie and a third video that featured urination and defecation." Oh, my! (Story)


Anonymous said...

I so don't understand the 'law'. I was under the impression that rape was against the law. Seems that would just automatically cause a movie to be deemed 'obscene'. this story just makes me want to take a shower when I realize there are so many sick people in the world who get their jollies watching someone tortured, raped, or used as a toilet.

Anonymous said...

It's not against the law if it's role play, which it would have to be for it not to be considered obscene. Many fetishes out there, and there are a lot of people that love nothing more than be used, etc. in these ways. What is interesting to me is that the needle piercing was the only thing deemed to be against community standards; when technically that is no different than a tattoo or piercing...maybe to a lesser scale of penetration, or general ickiness; but still needles in the body just the same. You can go right now to any tattoo or piercing parlor and have needles shoved into anything you've got, as many times as you care to pay for. Yet that, not rape, is considered too obscene to be in a movie.