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Lake Bridgeport . . .

. . . 12 feet low as we enter a window of three months for rain. (And I've heard some radio ads for North Star Pointe - the development that used to be part of the boy scout ranch on the north side of the lake. I bet it's a little hard to move those expensive lots right now).


Collectionsite said...

I live on Eagle Mountain and we are also down 10 to 12 Feet.

I am going to change my property description from "Lake Front" to "Beach Front" .... or
"Beach Only"

Do you think it will lower my Property Taxes?

Anonymous said...

Eagle Mountain is officially down 5.07 feet as of 3/11. B'port is down 12 feet. Quite a difference. But rest assured, they will drain Bridgeport to keep Eagle Mt and Lk. Worth near full this summer.