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Judging Alito

For whatever reason, I went over to CSPAN tonight to watch the "live" version of the Sam Alito hearings. The whole thing blows my mind. His advisors had to tell him this: "There will be a camera on you for 10 hours today. Any cock of the eyebrow, any act of rage, any weak moment will be caught on tape an broadcast time and time again of TV." I couldn't handle it.


Anonymous said...

...hope you never have to handle such stress Barry!

...frankly, I think Alito is holding up well. heart goes out to his wife, who was in the camera angle with her husband for the entire first day of hearings. fair was that?

...the paper today said that at one point she wept.

...what kind of a big deal will the press make out of that?

...they are out of control.

kehk said...

It would amuse me if he had a horrible chest cold, kept coughing while the questions are being asked...holding up the "just a minute" finger while he turned red and hacked....needing to stop and blow.

Anonymous said...

Pompous fools like Biden and Kennedy have turned the entire process into a pseudo-intelectual, hypocritical circus.