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Obviously, I steal stuff from all over the Internet since I never have an original thought. For quick loading videos, I always check out "Google's Video Of The Day" Some are too long, some are dumb, but some are genius.


Anonymous said...

I do have an original thought as proven on last week's "Spin".

Barry wrote:
The Story: Grass fires spring up all over the county aided by high winds and a year long drought.
News worthiness ****
The Spin: "Some poor sap who accidentally started one of the fires by using fireworks gets arrested and has his picture on the cover of the Messenger to boot. Can you say "overkill"? (One of the other fires was accidentally started by a welder but he is left alone).

Overkill? Are you kidding me? There was an original thought...however, one has to wonder if you were under the influence of something at the time that impaired your reason!

The man arrested for fireworks caused his neighbor's house to burn down! We were under a burn ban with Fireworks warnings! If he burned yours down, would you still endear him as just a "poor sap" for being arrested? The welder you refer to was not arrested because at the time of the incident, there had been no proclamations made against welding..there has since.

At the time of your posting, there had been more than 196,000 acres and more than 115 homes burned since Sunday across Texas. Not to mention all the Firemen (many volunteers, not paid) who risk life and limb to put out those fires that those "poor saps" start!

Yes, you are capable of original thought, it's just your thoughts reflect that of a "liberal lawyer"...

...such as your thoughts on not making arrests of "those poor saps" who manufacture illegal drugs because it's "personal use" only and only affects the user...Not!

Much like this man arrested for Fireworks...I guess the neighbors who lost their home to a fire started by someone with so little regard for others had no real affect on them? Those firefighters were not at risk fighting that fire either, right? Just the "poor sap" that got arrested!

Anonymous said...

Annon 8:59, ouch! You forget that BSG is a defense attorney....of course he'll take the guys side. If it weren't for Barry's compassion for the poor saps in this world they would only be loved by their mothers!!

Anonymous said...

The poor saps deserve good legal representation of their rights. If they've committed these goofy offenses, then they should pay the legal price - quickly and surely.