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And, Then Depression Set In

Several news accounts indicate that this week contains "the most depressing day of the year." Boy, do I believe it.


Anonymous said...

From one reader who--although considered conservative and a Republican--appreciates your point of view on things, don't get too depressed about things this week!

Condoleesa said...

I think you must need some boobage.

Anonymous said...

An apt analogy for our country. We are in a depression. Our government spies on its citizens, tortures people, kills citizens in non-war zones, and pays the media to spread propaganda. Explain why we are better than any third world country at this point. Think carefully.

Anonymous said...

ah, today is my son's birthday!!!!

gofish said...

11:16, we are so much more than any 3rd world country and I say we stack up well against any other nation. What other nations respond to crisis anywhere in the world better than we do? What nation responds to the needs of it's citizens better than we do? What nation has more freedom and liberty than we do?
It's not perfect but if you cannot see our nation is better than any alternative, you must have a very limited view of life.
Maybe you should try living in Cuba or Nicaragua or Russia. I know people who have and report much more spying, much more torture, much more killing and propaganda than you can imagine unless you have been there.