Top Sports Movies

Entertainment Weekly has llsted the Top 30 Sports movies of all time: 1. Raging Bull (never saw it but heard it's great) 2. Caddyshack (classic) 3. Hoosiers (watched half of it but got bored) 4. Rocky (I actually like Rocky 2) 5. Bull Durham (very good) 6. Million Dollar Baby (on my Bottom Ten list of worst movies) 7. Breaking Away (great) 8. The Bad News Bears (have never seen it in it's entirety) 9. Friday Night Lights (great) 10. Slap Shot (funny but overrated) 11. The Pride of the Yankees (never saw it) 12. Kingpin (Deserves to be here for Bill Murray's hair in the end scenes) 13. The Set-Up (1949 boxing movie I never saw) 14. North Dallas Forty (never saw all of it) 15. Eight Men Out (never seen) 16. Brian's Song (makes me cry) 17. Field of Dreams (extremely overrated) 18. White Men Can't Jump (boring) 19. Fat City (never saw it) 20. Heaven Can Wait (never saw it) 21. The Rookie (never saw it) 22. Cinderella Man (never saw it) 23. The Freshman (never saw it) 24. Rocky III (became a cartoon of itself) 25. The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars and Motor Kings (huh?) 26. Love & Basketball (huh, again?) 27. Better Off Dead (this is a sports movie?) 28. Tin Cup (very good) 29. The Longest Yard (good but overrated) 30. Bend it Like Beckham (never saw it) I haven't seen many sports movies, after all.