Random Monday Morning Thoughts

And you know who bought it back then? The guy who is currently Ken Paxton's lead impeachment defense lawyer: Tony Buzbee.

  • I really want to know what the settlement was ("terms were not disclosed"). If it was anything other than Marriott saying, "You dismiss the case and we won't pursue sanctions" they paid to much.  But I seriously doubt they paid anything at all. 

  • Impeachment quick hits:
    • This trial is full of lawyers past their primes who care more about themselves than their presentation. Exhibit 1 is Dan Cogdell who tried to cross-examine an old Texas Ranger and embarrassed himself of Friday afternoon. 
      Video is cued up to the above here.

    • The best lawyer I've seen is a little know one named Mitch Little (although he does a poor fake outrage acting job.)

  • When you saw this picture after January 6th, how much prison time did you expect him to get. I would have guessed way more than 57 months. He was sentenced on Friday.

  • JFK Conspiracy News: Yesterday in the New York Times (free link), it was revealed that a now 88 year old secret service agent is coming forward and saying he found the the "magic bullet" in the limousine where Kennedy had been sitting and then placed it on Kennedy's stretcher. The official story has always been that investigators found  it "on a stretcher believed to have held Mr. [Gov. John] Connally at Parkland Memorial Hospital, so they assumed it had exited his body during efforts to save his life."

  • We have Twinkie business news this morning. Heck, it's even Cup Cakes news:

  • USA Today on the morning of 9/11/01:

  • Dak Prescott being sedated for 11 hours to get this "sleeve" tattoo on his leg seems very dangerous. Side note: That's ugly.

  • WFAA's Mike Leslie did play by play for a livestream of the Decatur game on Friday. A 3 hour rain delay with the game ending at a 1:12 a.m. didn't dampen his spirits. Here is video of the final play.  Full game here

  • Let me tell you, I haven't seen the Evil Empire look that good since right before Colt McCoy hurt his shoulder in 2009.

  • Art Briles was the field at the OU game in an OU shirt. His son-in-law is the offensive coordinator for the Sooners. 

  • My family friendly blog does not allow me to post this photo of Trump's reception at the Iowa-Iowa State game.