Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

All tracked to Taco Casa in Decatur back then

  • Yep, we've got another murder charge on the books in Wise County after a man allegedly shot his stepson. But I bet this one is going to be a bit messy.  Deputies had been called to the home earlier in the evening.  

  • Impeachment quick hits:
    • We had the first appearance of a lawyer on the prosecutor's team, and she was fantastic. Erin Epley should have been in charge of the whole thing. 
    • This was weird: Paxton's mistress was scheduled to testify yesterday, showed up, waited around all day, and then was excused behind closed doors when she told them she intended to take the Fifth.

    • Overall, the prosecution's presentation has been a mess. They had a time limit which they mismanaged, were disjointed, and let the defense push them around. 
    • Case in point. Video. This was really bad. 

    • Tony Buzbee sounds like Mack Brown.
    • This is interesting: The Senate will vote today on a Motion which, if passed, would result in an impeachment conviction also preventing Paxton from ever seeking office again. Without it, there would have to be two seperate votes at the end of the trial (assuming conviction.) I would think that this is basically going to be a preview of the verdict today. 
  • The Messenger has a story on the new budget for Wise County and included this nugget: 
  • After the capture of the escaped Pennsylvania inmate, there was a press conference. And then someone decided to do a bit with a question. This really happened. Video. Yep, an inquiry about one small person possibly standing on the shoulder of another small person inside a trenchcoat. 
  • I don't like this trend at all.
  • A man who shot and killed two people is hanging out with the Tarrant County Sheriff. Rittenhouse's cult following is just weird. 
  • Mitt Romney announced yesterday that he won't seek re-election in the Senate. On the same day, we learned he texted Mitch McConnell before January 6th that he was hearing something very bad may happen. 
  • Mildy legal nerdy stuff. This case is out of Houston and illustrates something I've mentioned over the years. More and more criminal prosecutions are occurring over unintentional conduct. Hey, this case has bad facts, but there would not have been a criminal prosecution 30 years ago.  Side note: The family had already received a jury verdict of $95 million last year.
      • Very legal nerdy stuff: That story is behind a paywall, and I really want to read the rest of that paragraph that gets cut off above. It sounds like the defense lawyer changed his election to have to the jury assess punishment, the judge let him, and then the prosecutor and the defense lawyer got into it. 
      • Very legal nerdy stuff #2: She was convicted of reckless conduct. She was definitely negligent but almost no one understands how reckless conduct, when the law is properly applied, is almost impossible to prove.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold