Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

"Sheriff David Walker said . . . that the couple had been going through a divorce."

  • Breaking: They have just captured the inmate on the loose in Pennsylvania, Danelo Cavalcante.

    • The cops even gathered around and posed for a picture with him before taking him away. Really. Video.

  • Breaking #2: There's a fire going on right now at an "oil and gas facility" near Decatur. Video. Seems potentially bad. 
  • I'm not sure what this arrest last night was about. We don't have another murder do we? The name isn't familiar to me from pending cases, and that does not look like itis based on a warrant for an out-of-county offense. Side note: That town of "Bots" has a zip code for Boyd.

    • Edit. Related?

  • Not the way you want your school logo to end up in the Dallas Morning News. (He paid the credit card bill.)
  • Impeachment quick hits:
    • Yesterday we learned that Paxton couldn't get his staff to launch an investigation into DPS and the feds who were looking into the business practices of Nate Paul so, at the urging of Nate Paul's personal lawyer, Paxton contacted and contracted with a five year personal injury lawyer with no criminal experience to do the job. He was to get $300 an hour. Oh, my.

    • And did this "hiring" seem a little a weird to this guy? Would he get a badge, AG email address or a business card? No. And Paxton asked him to download "Signal", an encrypted messaging app, to communicate with him. Seems legit, right? 
    • Yet somehow he, as an AG special prosecutor(?), was led to believe that he authority to issue grand jury subpoenas for documents (a practice which doesn't involve a grand jury at all). But get this: He issued subpoenas directed towards 40 people and entities -- names he got  from a list compiled by Nate Paul's personal lawyer. Microsoft was one of them but it balked after questioning his credentials and who he was. 
    • After all hell broke lose and U.S. Marshal's showed up at his law office to ask what he was doing, the young lawyer wanted a meeting with Paxton.  Paxton agreed but moved the meeting to a Starbucks where he was told that it was over, his authority was revoked, and that he wouldn't get paid for any past work. 
    • Angela Paxton pondered life while looking at her wedding ring during yesterday's testimony:
    • Even if removed from office, Ken Paxton will keep his $66,000 a year pension for life. 
  • What a headline. And there is surveillance video of her getting kicked out. 


  • I'm sorry, how much did you say? 

  • So there's an impeachment inquiry beginning at the unilateral decision of the Speaker of the House without a vote? That's what happens when you have a Speaker who sold his soul to the MAGA extremists and they now hold you hostage. Would you let your children speak to you this way yesterday?

  • Does this mean that DPS has gone woke? 

  • Marky Mark at Joe T. Garcia's a couple of days ago. 

  • This being a family friendly blog, I can only suggest you not search for the various clips of Sen. John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) reading various excerpts from a book in a committee hearing yesterday. Is there no one on his staff who told him this would not be a good idea?