Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

LeBron, Jerry Jones, and Hulk Hogan before the season opener in 2013. At the time, Hogan's daughter, Brooke, was engaged to Cowboys center Phil Costa. They would split up later in the season.

  • I-35 last night. South of downtown. Three dead. Three critical. Five vehicles were involved. It started with a minor  two vehicle accident and they were on the shoulder. A third vehicle, in an ill-advised move, tried to assist with protection by partially blocking one lane. Then two big rigs collided with the third vehicle and chaos ensued. 

  • Paxton impeachment trial quick hits:
    • We could have deliberations begin on Thursday or Friday. 
    • But, from an  entertainment standpoint, Paxton's lead lawyer Tony Buzbee ruled the day yesterday because the prosecution team let's him get away with anything. This is really becoming incredible. Rusty Hardin, for the impeachment team, just sits back and watches it all happen instead of objecting.

    • Case in point, Buzbee will get a witness to say something he wants and then announce to the chamber, "Let's let that sink in for a moment" and then repeats the answer and pauses for effect. This happened at least three times yesterday. 
    • Paxton is not being impeached because of an affair, but his mistress was mentioned for the first time in testimony. That had to be awkward. Here's an old picture of her with the presiding judge, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick. And worse, Paxton's wife was sitting just feet away from the testifying witness. 

    • We had our first female witness. The impeachment team decided to have a female lawyer ask her questions. This is, after all, backwoods Texas.
    • I still think he will be convicted. He should be convicted. I can't believe anyone thinks otherwise if you care one iota about character, honesty, and decency. 
  • Good grief.

  • At 6:00 a.m. now less . . . 

  • New Emerson poll for Iowa is out. Trump is down, but so is his closest challenger. 

  • I meant to mention this yesterday: Here is a whole thread of the MyPillow guy going crazy during a deposition earlier this year.  And I do mean crazy. If you watch just one, go with this one.

  • Business News in One Second. This is near Argyle.


  • Random ad for the City of Addison in 1988. Pretty good little ad. 

  • DraftKings thought it would be a good idea to have a special 9/11 three team parlay wager yesterday. They called it "Never Forget."  Uh, perhaps they have. They later apologized.

  • Very nerdy legal stuff: Over at the Fifth Circuit, the judge's are arguing over how to use the Bible to interpret a statute.  Sheesh. Things are going just great. 


  • So that over-hyped Aaron Rogers experiment didn't work out?