Random Monday Morning Thoughts

That was, in fact, a tremendous joke.

  • This is interesting. The Decatur ISD is advertising on social media that the upcoming bond election will not involve a tax increase even though the language on the ballot is required to say that it will be a tax increase. 

  • Tarrant County not guilty verdicts: 
    • On Friday, a jury found a defendant not guilty in a capital murder case in Tarrant County. A guilty verdict would have resulted in an automatic life sentence. The jury also rejected the lesser included offenses of murder, manslaughter, aggravated assault and deadly conduct. It was a wonky case where the victims were running a prostitution business out of their house and one of them died from his injuries almost five years after the shooting -- a shooting which the jury ruled was in self-defense. Defense lawyers were Mark Daniel and Matthew Smid. Prosecutors were Allenna Bangs and Samantha Fant.

    • There's no news story about it, but I also noticed there was another not guilty verdict in a Tarrant County trial of a man charged with Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child Under 14. Defense lawyers were Rob Hayden and Rob Cowie. Prosecutors were listed as "P Nguyen" and "M Blair" (The Tarrant County D.A. Trial Board, where I got the info, no longer lists the full names of prosecutors.)

  • Curious Friday news dump announcement by a guy whose party affiliation doesn't even show up on a municipal ballot. And he can't run for Dallas Mayor again anyway due to term limits. He's up to something. 

  • Trump over the weekend called for (1) the execution of the Joint Chiefs of Staff that he appointed, Gen. Mark Milley, and (2) that next time his administration would shut down NBC because he doesn't like their coverage. You know, normal American values.  He's dangerous and deranged, and I cannot believe that I am watching Hitler reincarnated right before my eyes. 

  • The crazy Trump judge out of Amarillo, Matthew Kacsmaryk, who single handedly outlawed the abortion pill, ruled late last week that guys dressing up as girls is not free speech.  This is laughably wrong but, if affirmed, it is where we are heading.

  • A faithful reader tipped me off to this review in Texas Monthly of a restaurant in . . . wait for it . . . Newark, Texas. That does look like a tasty burger. 

  • Jerry better be careful or Ultra MAGA will turn on him for stunts like this. Side note: What's Chris Christie doing in Arizona?

  • The craziest screenshot from any college game came from Aggie/Auburn. Video.

  • Odd Media observation: I noticed that a reporter for the Wise County Messenger has a side gig writing for the Pro Football Network covering the Denver Broncos.

  • Ticket fans: Dan and Jake are in a long feature story in the Washington Post this morning. (Free link) By the way, here is the court's order where they won The Ticket's attempt to stop immediately stop their podcast - a full opinion will be written which should be juicy.

  • Usher will perform at halftime in the Super Bowl which will be in Las Vegas. Not a bad choice.