Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

This recording-a-coach-in-a-locker room case involved Argyle ISD. Story. Man, I ended up being right about the prosecutor screwing up by not getting a waiver of appeal. She appealed to the appellate court (and won - conviction reversed) which caused the State to have to appeal to the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals (where she lost and conviction reinstated, 6-3) and then she appealed to the U.S. Court (which refused to hear the case). Sheesh. That's a lot of work. 

  • Wise County Judge J.D. Clark posted this fantastic picture of the district courtroom's current state of restoration. There will eventually be balconies on both sides. By the way, that's a wide angle lens which makes the room look smaller than it is. From front to back, I'm guessing it is 40 to 50 feet deep.

  • New this morning. I probably wouldn't have done that it I were him.  

  • From the campaign trail:
    • During a campaign stop to appeal to gun-lovers, Trump said on camera yesterday that he wanted to purchase this gun. The problem is, as an indicted felon, he can't legally buy a gun. The law applies to anyone under state or federal indictment for any felony. See 18 U.S.C. § 922(n).

      • But he would have had a defense based upon a Trump appointed federal judge's opinion. Flashback:

    • Trump talking about windmills and whales was far more bizarre than I expected. (37 second video). Close your eyes and you would think it's a comedian doing an impersonation. 

  • Now that the Ken Paxton's impeachment trial is over, everyone still wants their money.

  • The near future will be very weird. 

  • Let me tell you, I find something mysteriously attractive about this lady.

  • Extremely nerdy legal stuff: There's a typo in a recent Court of Criminal Appeals opinion. It's "canons" not "cannons." It's authored by Presiding Judge Keller. 

  • Very random sports fact I missed: The Cowboy's cut QB Will Grier, even after a fantastic last pre-season game, to make room for Trey Lance. Last week, the New England Patriots, who play the Cowboys this week, signed Grier to the practice squad.