Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

These, and brown suits, were the type of controversies President Obama was involved in.

  • The Ron DeSantis / Elon Musk bro-brother rollout of DeSantis' presidential announcement turned out to be worse than anticipated. The most important event in your life -- an event that you have years to plan for in every detail -- finally happened, and all everyone can talk about are technical meltdowns

    • Trump immediately made fun of the rollout with this post which I don't even remotely understand. Red button? And what does Kim Jung Un have to do with this? This is weird even by Trump standards.  

    • And then Trump got even stranger by posting this mocking fake re-creation of DeSantis' announcement -- complete with fake attendees, including Hitler and the Devil.  (In case you had any question about whether we have entered Idiocracy, we have arrived.)

  • Sentencing is today. The government wants 25 years. Rhodes' lawyer has asked for 16 months with credit for time served.

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  • We now know why Texas AG Paxton went on a bizarre attack accusing the House Speaker of being drunk on duty. It was right out of the create-a-distraction political playbook. He knew that yesterday a Republican committee would hold a hearing to announce that he has engaged in corruption for years. 

    • The revelations by the committee were actually old news since they have been in plain daylight for over two years. And these are the same allegations revealed by Paxton's assistants who he now has to pay $3.3 million for firing them because of their whistleblowing. This headline was from 2021:  

    • Paxton is a snake, has been under indictment for seven years for even different charges, but you guys keep electing him, 

  • The Messenger has a crazy story today (buried way too deep in the paper, by the way) about a Paradise sophomore who actually qualified for the state track meet in the high jump, but who didn't go to Austin because no one told her that she had won a regional tie-breaker held by . . .  a UIL coin flip. Her name was actually called out over the PA system at the state meet to take her jump, but she was innocently and obliviously sitting at home. 

  • You don't see this every day: The school superintendent-elect for Arlington ISD turned the school district down. Her current employer, the Gregory-Portland school board, offered her $265,000 annually to stay. She took it and will stand pat.  The outgoing superintendent for Arlington made $230,000. 

  • New charges? In federal court no less? Why bother? He's not getting out of the hoosegow on the murder conviction.

  • Call me crazy, but considering that Southlake has 65 full time police officers, it might be wise to cock an eyebrow over his number of DWI arrests.
  • I don't follow hockey but, from afar, Jamie Benn's sleepy, non-apologetic, cap-on-backwards, press conference yesterday was a pathetic attempt to make amends for his inexcusable penalty on Tuesday night.  We hate to bother you and all, but could you at least fake a little remorse?

  • Messenger: Above the Fold