Random Monday Morning Thoughts

A massive tornado in Moore, Oklahoma left 24 dead. 

  • Someone learned that Robert's Rules of Order has nothing to do with state law regarding mandatory public notice on matters to be voted upon.  But don't let that sideshow overshadow the fact that guns will now be within the halls of DISD.

  • The far right hates Texas Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan for some reason and are now accusing him of being drunk late Friday night on the house floor. Video. I don't know what, if anything, was going on with him. 

  • I've been trying to ignore this debt ceiling news because it has always been resolved in the past. But this time if different. The only reason Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker after 15 rounds of voting in January was that he cut a deal with the devil that he wouldn't concede on this issue. He's in a bind now. 

  • This prison sentence was handed down on Friday. Not enough™. And he should have received a couple of extra years for cosplaying G.I. Joe. 

  • Considering 480 pounds of ammonium nitrate were used in the Oklahoma City bombing, this story seems a bit concerning. The train left Cheyenne, Wyoming headed to California and somewhere a long the way they lost the chemicals. (Sounds like a certain Breaking Bad episode.)

  • So if he would extort one of the richest men in the world, who would he not threaten over past indiscretions? So how many people wanted him dead? Here is the woman who is the subject of the affair, by the way.

  • Texas A&M has unveiled artist renditions for their new law school building in downtown Fort Worth, and I have a question. I zoomed in on that question . . . 

  • Are we prepared for the dumbest Republican Primary in history?

  • How you can tell when church is over.


  • I can't believe I missed this picture. The guy on the right is Bryan Slaton who just got kicked out of the Texas legislature for getting a 19 year old intern liquored up and having sex with her. The guy on the left is simpleton Jonathan Stickland who is the head of the ultra-conservative Defend Texas Liberty PAC - the PAC funded by West Texas oilmen Farris Wilks and Tim Dunn who dump millions into Texas elections

  • He fled the state during a deadly cold wave, and he joked about it on Friday. Tone deaf.

  • Ticket fans only: The radio station sent all their hosts to a "campound" for three days last week and the secret location turned out to in a place in Aurora, Texas.

  • One of my favorite sayings is "The days are long but the years are short."