Random Friday Morning Thoughts

In this criminal justice corruption case that didn't get near enough publicity in our next of woods, he would get convicted and later be sentenced to 13 yeas.

  • This is glorious. The judge was100% spot on with his remarks. 

    • Side note: When your lawyer shows up at your sentencing hearing wearing a white suit, you might want to rethink your life decisions. 

  • In an earth shaking and historical event in Texas politics, a joint committee voted last night to return Article of Impeachment against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. This, on any other day, would be the lead bullet point. This is big. This is huge. Stay with me here . . . 

    • Make no mistake, the filing of the Articles of Impeachment isn't the action of just some rogue committee acting on its own. This is a planned-behind-the-scenes orchestration by Republican powerbrokers to (justifiably) take down Paxton. The committee, in my opinion, would never have recommended impeachment without  Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and Gov. Greg Abbott not having already signed off on this. 

    • Yesterday morning, I bet someone that there was no way Paxton would be impeached. I didn't even think we would get this committee vote. I was 100% wrong.  This is moving fast and furious. Impeachment, at least in the Texas House, seems like a done deal. 
    • Texas law has a wild twist: Just like the impeachment process of the President of the United States, the House will first vote on whether to "impeach" Paxton and then the Senate will vote on whether to "convict and remove" him.   But there is one huge difference: If the House votes to impeach Paxton, he will be immediately suspended and the governor will appoint a replacement. 

    • So, technically, once the House votes to impeach, the Senate could drag its feet forever and Paxton is still out. But the Senate might vote on it right away anyway. I'll say it again, this has to be all pre-planned. And Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick, who runs the Senate, certainly didn't signal that he was against impeachment last night. 

    • But here's a fun fact: Paxton's wife is an elected state senator and she gets a vote. 

      • Since one of the articles of impeachment accuses Paxton of having a "mistress" who got hired as a bribe by Paxton's buddy, Nate Paul, who was in legal trouble, I propose this plot twist: She votes to impeach and then immediately files for divorce. (Doubtful since she's know about the affair for months.)

      • Remember that Ken Paxton and his wife were on stage for Trump's January 6th rally right before the Insurrection. Yesterday was a perfect circle.

    • It is now very clear why Paxton went scorched earth against House Speaker Dan Phelan two days ago accusing him, with no firm evidence, of being drunk.  Paxton knew the impeachment articles were coming. His only shot was to try to cut off the head of the beast. 

    • Now here's where it might get a little wild. Paxton is a MAGA stormtrooper and borderline QAnon. Those nutcases in the Republican Party love him, and they are not pleased.  
      • Will they fight back? You bet. Take this example: Rep. David Spiller from Jacksboro was one of the five members on the Committee voting to return the Articles of Impeachment.  I consider him a "normal Republican" although he's taken some very troubling far right wing positions since he became a politician and went big time. Anyway,  here's video of the five members voting last night. 

      • So why do I bring up Spiller? Well, he got verbally attacked last night by the spokesperson and administrator for the powerful West Texas oilmen PAC -- Defend Texas Liberty. Oh, my.

      • I'm not sure why he singled out Eastland County. Spiller's district has 12 counties in it, and he lives in Jack County. But Stickland is a dumb as a box of rocks so that could explain it. 
    • Finally, here is a pic of the Articles Of Impeachment being handed out last night on the House floor. It was quite the scene.  That lady in the pink pants was busy last night. 

  • Quick hit unrelated to Paxton:

  • And I've got to mention that Luka got a haircut

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 324 days.