Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

A cartel hit in broad daylight on a lawyer in the Southlake Town Square happened on May 22, 2013.

  • Mommy and daddy are fighting in Austin! Seriously, this is very, very weird. Texas AG Ken Paxton came off the top rope yesterday and demanded the House Speaker Dade Phelan resign because of this video which shows something momentarily "wrong" with Phelan. Paxton alleges he was intoxicated. Incidentally, Paxton has wanted the legislature to pay for his $3.3 million settlement for firing whistleblowers who reported his past misconduct. Phelan has balked.

    • Here's the over-the-stop statement from Paxton but note that he only says it was "apparent" that Phelan was intoxicated.

    • But then in a letter to the General Investigations Committee, he said Phelan was "obviously" intoxicated. There's a huge difference between apparent and obvious. Words have meaning. Paxton is the State's "top lawyer." And a bad one. 

  • The Dallas Morning News has a feature story on this $14.24 million home for sale "just north" of . . . Decatur! Listing is here.

  • Trump was "in" court yesterday on his criminal case in New York. A trial date was set for March 25th, 2024.  Don't bet on it happening that day.

  • As a widely recognized political expert, I think announcing a presidential bid on Twitter "Spaces", alongside a guy who has been propping up Nazis lately, probably isn't the best way to appeal to a mass general audience.

  • Today marks the day. 
    "The Sound Of Children Screaming Has Been Removed."
    The aftermath cluster was as bad as law enforcement's response. 

  • We live in the dumbest of times. We've already gone from book banning to poem banning. 

    The actual complaint.

  • Will watch.

  • I almost feel like there are pitchfork carrying crowds wandering the streets looking at who they will go after next.  Bud Light, Target, and next?  But don't call if Cancel Culture. 

  • "Warehouses, people! See ya next week!™" This warehouse is already fully leased to Amazon which kind of surprises me because I thought Amazon owned all of their warehouses.

  • I'm hearing things didn't go to well last night.

  • No team is going to sign Zeke Elliott, right?