Random Monday Morning Thoughts

The aftermath of the unsolved murder of Kaufman County DA was still making the news, and I had forgotten how the Aryan Brotherhood was the target of speculation. The story of a federal prosecutor in Houston withdrawing from an unrelated prosecution of the gang because of "security concerns" was one of the headlines.  

  • The results of a lightning bolt in Decatur yesterday.

  • I fear the road rage of the nutcases out there. A woman was shot in the neck in Grapevine on Friday morning.
    • This is the 30 year old guy from Euless who was arrested.

    • I found his shirt. It's a Christmas t-shirt with a fake button that says, "Does this shirt make me look fat?"
  • The tornados in Arkansas were rally bad, but one of the best phone videos I found of its power this one where it transformed the landscape in about five seconds.  Below is a "before" screenshot from an unsuspecting guy.

    • Speaking of "before" . . . 

    • . . . compared to now.

  • If Trump doesn't take a motorcade from Trump Tower down to the Manhattan courthouse tomorrow, I'll be very disappointed. If he wants a show -- and he does -- that would be a heck of a show. 

  • There were two very bad wrecks that all happened right before dawn on Sunday morning.
    • Lake Worth (that's the 820 overpass over Jacksboro highway)

    • Carrollton (wrong way driver in express lane)

  • Fox News is in trouble in the Dominion lawsuit.  The trial judge on Friday ruled that the election lies that Fox hosts said about Dominion were clearly false and the jury would not be asked to rule on that issue. The only remaining issues will be (1) whether Fox News knew they were false or had a "reckless disregard for the truth" and, if so, (2) damages.  

    • Court's judgment here.

  • This is real. Video.

  • A Connecticut lawmaker was arrested for DWI. The following happened when asked to submit a sample of her breath. . Video.

  • Everyone sure seems bent out of shape because of what happened at the end of the women's national championship game. I wouldn't have done it, but it didn't really bother me.  (Here's videos/thread of what it's about.)

  • Liberally Lean Pick 'Em is now final. "Ashleigh's Best Bracket" picked up some points by having Connecticut in the final two, but that will be the last points in the tournament which was heavily weighted for first and second round picks and upsets.