Random Friday Morning Thoughts

This was a nutty case out of Kansas. The "lover" was the County Attorney who resigned to take a job as an assistant district attorney in a nearby county. The Sheriff also resigned. Both disputed the meth allegation, however. 

  • There's been a police/suspect standoff all night long in Pantego and it is still going on

  • After last week's Tennessee shooting at the Christian school which left three adults and three nine year olds dead, young people protested gun laws at the Tennessee capitol. Three lawmakers, who just happen to be Democrats, supported them on the House floor which "violated decorum rules." 
    • Yesterday, the House, which is controlled by Republicans, decided to vote on whether to expel the the three representatives. Not censure. Not fine. Not publicly reprimand. Oh, no -- nothing like that. It was a vote to expel them so that the people they represent would no longer have a voice.
    • It's quiz time! These are three lawmakers. Guess which two were expelled and which one was not. Go ahead, guess. Hint: Remember we are talking about Tennessee.

    • Correct! In one of the most racist things I've seen lately (and that's saying a lot), the Tennessee House decided to put the two young black men "in their place" but allowed the white female to remain. 

    • Incredible. Did any of those backwood hillbillies voting to expel think about the optics of all this? 
  • Hallelujah. "The Texas House on Thursday approved a budget amendment opposing school vouchers — a major setback to Gov. Greg Abbott and other advocates for 'school choice' this legislative session." The vote was 85-62 in support of the amendment which prohibits public school money going to private schools. 

    • Wise County's Rep. Lynn Stucky: Voted against protecting taxpayer money and for school vouchers.
    • Jack County's Rep. David Spiller: Voted for protecting taxpayer money and against school vouchers. 

    • Note: The Texas Senate actually voted for a version of school vouchers yesterday, but the above House vote on the budget is a good sign that it is dead in the water. 

  • Social media is abuzz about something going on with a Texas legislator.  Michael Quinn Sullivan is a right-wing nut, but he's spreading rumors about the lawmaker who is also a right-wing nut.

  • This former Fort Worth city councilman was faced with an alleged probation violation on a DWI case in Johnson County. I have never had a client who, when given the options of 45 days in jail OR six more months of probation, would choose the jail time. He did. Something is going on here

  • A pretty good little past nugget was found as a follow-up to the story about Justice Clarence Thomas has been accepting a fortune in gifts from a Dallas billionaire.   Here is a photo of a Fifth Circuit Justice being sworn in by Thomas in the home library of that billionaire. Ted Cruz, warmed by the massive fireplace, was there as well:

    • Here's a different picture of the library for those interested.

    • And this nugget buried in the ProPublica story, although insignificant, gives me great amusement:

  • Did this guy used to work in Wise County? Story.

  • So I'm not sure exactly what the current controversy is over Anheuser-Busch, but I think country music singer Travis Tritt said drinking Bud Light will make you gay.  Or maybe he's mad about some type of advertising campaign by the company supporting gay people. Anyway, this is Travis Tritt:

  • It's Good Friday. You heathens be on your best behavior this weekend.

  • The Fort Worth Court of Appeals affirmed. a criminal case out of Wise County yesterday, but I really don't see anything noteworthy about it.
  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 277 days.