Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

Two Bridgeport men died in separate motorcycle accidents.

  •  A body was found over the weekend off of Cuba Road east of Bridgeport. The speculation is that it is the guy who stole and then abandoned a Mann Refrigeration truck in February, but who was never found. Until now. 

  • Jacksboro news. He was 22.

  • When I said I expected Trump to take a highly publicized motorcade from Trump Tower to the courthouse, I didn't expect it would start at Mar-a-Lago yesterday.  And the media coverage of him is a campaign gift of biblical proportions. Today will be insane. 
    As he left his home to go to Florida airport
    As he was landing

    • As Trump was about to make the brief walk to Trump Tower in Manhattan, I wanted someone to yell into this guy's earpiece, "Straighten your tie!" It really bugged me. 

    • It sounds like there won't be a book-in photo. But don't forget the greatest book-in photo of all time: Tom DeLay. 

  • Seems not good in Richardson this morning.  A food truck, on its side, on a DART rail off of Central Expressway. 

  • 152 rounds. Totally normally. 

  • Crime creation. It's been a while since I've written, "Too many cops. Too many prosecutors.™"

  • As more proof that Texas legislators have lost their minds, a new bill by Sen. Phil King wants to require the 10 Commandments, in the King James Version, to be posted in every public elementary school.

    • Not to be outdone, another bill would allow public schools to replace certified counselors with someone who represents themselves as a "chaplain." 

  • Very movie-like: A pro-Russian military blogger was given a piece of art at a speaking engagement, and then it blew up killing him.  Russia has arrested a woman for delivering the bomb, and is blaming Ukraine. Here is security video of the explosion as seen from outside. (I'm sure there is video of the explosion from inside, but it was not released.)
    Holding the gift moments before explosion

    Delivering the gift

  • Stopped me down: The picture of wrestling kingpin Vince McMahon looking like Clark Gable as he appeared at press conference yesterday to announce the sale of the WWE. 

  • How's the Michael Irvin defamation lawsuit against Marriott going?