Random Thursday Morning Thoughs

4/2/13:At Houston, Yu Darvish came within one batter of a perfect game before giving up a single up the middle

  • Can I interest you in being a teacher or administrator where one of your responsibilities is to revive overdosed students which Narcan which you need to be sure you have on hand? Story.

  • [Editor's note: That is admittedly not the best bullet point to place in front of the following.]
  • Today we will learn how the Texas House, and rural lawmakers in particular, feel about public schools and the movement to siphon money away from them into private schools.  The House will be voting on various budget amendments, but one legislator did something very clever: He has proposed an amendment, which must be voted on, to ban any taxpayer money from ever going to private schools. So even though this isn't the school voucher bill, we get a preview.  It will be the first clear sign whether the insane idea of private school vouchers has traction. How will Wise County's Rep. Lynn Stucky vote? How about Jacksboro's David Spiller?

  • The hair salon owner who was the center COVID closings has been hospitalized. 

  • Trump quick hits:
    • Perverts? He's insane. He's a child. He's an insane child. 
    • This came on the heels of his call yesterday to defund the police. (I suppose Al Capone would have wanted to defund the IRS.)

    • I'm not sure why we need a courtroom artist since there were camera in the courtroom, but this is suitable for framing. 

    • And someone kinda did. 

    • In case you wondering how Stormy Daniels is doing these day, she granted an interview to Piers Morgan. 

  • ProPublica has released a story about Dallas billionaire Harlan Crow (who is the son of Dallas real estate mogul Trammell Crow) lavishing Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas with gifts and vacations over the years. 

    • But one of the craziest things from the story was the reproduction of this painting which shows Crow and Thomas hanging out at a retreat.

  • Random real estate. Good lord. The address is 1161 La Mirada Court.
  • Legal nerdy stuff for criminal practitioners only: We had a defendant's PDR granted yesterday by the Court of Criminal Appeals on various prolonged-stop Rodriguez issues. (Actual PDR here. Summary of the grant here.)
  • Legal nerdy stuff #2: Look at how the Dallas Court of Appeals granted a simple Motion for Extension of Time to file a brief by throwing shade at the attorney.