Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

I was curious if he was still in prison and, yes, he still is. But not for that! He actually paroled out and picked up yet another drug offense in Clay County last year.  Sheesh, buddy.

  • Weather quick hits:
    • I think the roads will be OK tomorrow. Heck, they'll probably be fine this afternoon. Wise County will have 12 hours above freezing (11:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.) 
    • Evaporation > "Freezing back over."
    • This storm pretty much panned out as predicted, but it sure wasn't much to look at while it was happening. 
    • Pete Delkus seems to be a guy who "pretends to be a jerk" who is probably really a jerk.

  • Here's the video. It looks like a typical stupid brawl.  The story just says the 60 year old was "taken by ambulance" to the hospital where he was "pronounced dead."

  • I don't understand why Abbott is going so hard on school vouchers. He's never had much an interest in them in the past, and now he seems hell bent on hurting public schools and teachers. And if you needed any confirmation that school vouchers are just a way for the government to fund certain religions, look at where he gave this speech: Annapolis Christian Academy in Corpus Christi.

  • Random stuff found while cooped up: I think this is an example of fantastic writing. It's just a short article in the New Yorker, and it had me sucked in about a subject I really didn't care about. This guy is really good. And I'm jealous. 

  • We've got a monkey theft epidemic. 

  • I was curious who was behind those giant warehouses going up at 287 and I-35 on the right as you head into Fort Worth. They are finishing up three and are going to build four more for a total of 880,000 square feet. Have I ever mentioned people are getting rich investing in those things? Two of the uncompleted buildings are already "fully leased to four tenants."

  • There's 100% chance she would have been part of the Klan back in the day.

  • Hot Sports Opinion: I think Deion Sanders will fail hugely at Colorado.
  • Cowboys quick hits:
    • Jerry was sporting some deer-chic attire yesterday.

    • Zeke note:

  • I really don't care that Tom Brady retired again, but I still can't get over that he gets to walk into this deal which has been waiting on him since last year:  

  • Messenger: Above the Fold? I don't see one online. The new schedule was supposed to have it "on newsstands and in your mailboxes each Thursday starting in February."