Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

That's not a bad idea at all. The last 30 seconds of a close college basketball game is painfully unsatisfying. 

  • The National Weather Service has changed its forecast once again. 
    • Yesterday afternoon, an Ice Storm Warning was added on top of the Winter Storm Warning for Wise County and a handful of other counties.  The previously announced ending time of 6:00 a.m. Thursday remained the same. 

    • Then, in the middle of the night, that ending time was extended to 9:00 a.m. tomorrow. And the coverage of the purple Ice Storm Warning was expanded to included Dallas and Collin counties and others.

    • But I'm here to help: My Official Liberally Lean Weather Team tells me that Wise County will be hit hard today beginning at around 10:45 a.m., and that when it comes in, it will come in very strong. And it also won't let up until late into the night.  This will be nasty. 

    • Austin got hit with a different storm front a few hours ago. More than 100,000 customers are without power this morning, and that number keeps climbing. 

  • Let me tell you, this wouldn't have happened when I was a kid! Nothing stopped them. Looking at the list, the only Wise County office mentioned was in Slidell.

  • If you want to watch about a minute and half of cars sliding when going over a bridge in Dallas, here ya go.

  • Then you see this and realize it's not all fun and games. Getting out their and working wrecks in these conditions is when they really earn their paychecks. And money doesn't seem adequate in some cases.

  • The missing monkeys from the Dallas Zoo were found in a closet in an "abandoned" house.
Actual photo of one of the monkeys when located.

What I wish the photo had looked like. 
  • Trump has competition. 

  • Speaking of Trump, he reminded us yesterday of his payout to Stormy Daniels. This statement amounts to an admission not to mention its comedic value. "The very publicly known."

  • A little legal news from our friends in Montague County.

  • Exxon announced earnings yesterday and provided further proof that the gas price "inflation" surge was nothing but a big con. 

  • Big 12 schedules released. It's weird not playing everyone.

  • No Messenger today. This week starts the new Thursday-only cycle.