Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

I don't think it was/is. But that D.A. wasn't the brightest bulb in the box.

  • The Winter Storm Warning has been extended into Thursday and Wise County is the worst part of it. My Liberally Lean Winter Storm team tells me tomorrow will be the worst day:

  • I-35 northbound at FM 407 just south of Denton last night. A sheet of ice.  

  • Fox 4 had this shot last night of traffic "at a standstill on 287 northbound just at the Tarrant and Wise County line."

  • And if this lady is telling the truth (you never know), 287 in Alvord was/is a mess this morning. She posted this message several times tagging many cities and entities. I presume she also picked up the phone:

  • This seems a little weird from last night.

  • Is there some animal rights activist who works inside the zoo? Something very odd  is going on there.
  • A real photo from Maryland a couple of days ago.
  • I'm a fan of the Zillow Gone Wild account and it featured this Southlake house yesterday. More pics here.

  • Legal country news tidbit: Buried in this story is the statement that Montague County District Judge Jack will retire on May 31st. 
  • Legal dark news: Two young lawyers in different big firms in Houston have died in a murder-suicide. Every story seems to be behind a paywall, but from what I've been able to piece together is that Candace Rechtmann, who worked for a firm called Germer, and Tyler Greenwood, who worked at Chamberlain, Hrdlicka, both died in an apartment in the Montrose area. This link says that they used to date each other and identifies Greenwood as the shooter. Greenwood's profile has been deleted from his firm's profile. Rechtmann's has not.

  • He embarrasses himself every day. 

  • During the Bills/Bengals game on CBS, the network identified the Super Bowl as being be played on February 29th and will be aired by Fox.  The game is actually on February 12th, and there isn't even a February 29th this year. 

  • Thirty years ago today the Cowboys won the Super Bowl over the Bills, 52-17. These photos almost make it surreal. 
    Jerry and Jimmy liked each other.

    Michael Jackson did the halftime show.

    O.J. was working for NBC (and, oddly, did the coin toss.)

  • The Big 12 releases its 2023 football schedule today at 1:00 p.m., but TCU accidentally leaked their schedule last night. Noteworthy is that they don't play OSU or Kansas and, of the new four teams, they play UH and BYU (but not Cincy or UCF.) Others can expect a similar conference format with different matchups.