Random Monday Morning Thoughts

How wild this was. An assistant DA in Kaufman County was murdered by his car. And the killer wasn't finished. A couple of months later, the elected D.A. and his wife would be murdered in their home. Here's the Wikipedia page about the whole ordeal which is still hard to believe. Spoiler alert: A former Justice of the Peace was the killer. 

  • The Liberally Lean Weather Center is issuing a Wise County Weather Triple Alert warning. We were supposed to have an official Weather Storm Warning to start today at noon but, in a shocking move, the National Weather Service this morning moved it up to 6:00 a.m. The freezing rain will be on and off today, with the worst of it starting tonight.  I bet every school district in Wise County will be shut down tomorrow, and I think everyone should consider an early release today. 

    • Example of the trouble this morning: Shortly before 6:00 a.m., freezing rain fell on 287 going into Fort Worth.

    • That was due to a small batch of showers which developed and wiped out traffic all along its path. Once again, we will see this all day.

  • Quick hits on the senseless killing of Tyre Nichols in Memphis.
    • If you watch anything of the video, these few seconds of blows to his face should be it. Five cops. They could have had him in cuffs in two seconds. But they played with him so they could beat him for fun. 

    • But what did you expect of a group called the "Scorpion Unit"? Good gawd. 
    • Have you heard Trye Nichols speak? He just happened to be interviewed in California. If you thought he was some "hood rat", you're wrong. Link

    • The Google Streetview of the intersection is great. And you can see the camera that just happened to be there which caught it all.

  • The unedited video of Nancy Pelosi's husband being attacked with a hammer should make every right wing conspiracy nut ashamed. 

    • The guy swinging the hammer called a local TV station after the video was released on Friday. He said, on recorded audio, "I messed up . . .  I'm so sorry I didn't get more of them." Thoughts and prayers to his lawyer.
  • The MyPillow guy lost his bid to become Chairman of the National Republican Committee. He was so close.

  •  I actually tracked down and watched Trump's speech in New Hampshire this weekend. Let me tell you something, he's wilder than he's ever been. And if you thought he was unhinged from the truth in the past, get ready. He's ramped it. Oh, and he has some nutty ideas: 
  • Wise County's representative in Congress continues to be as nutty as a fruitcake.
  • Lisa Loring, the actress who play the original Wednesday Adams, has passed away. 

  • Wins a National Championship and then comes to the metroplex to rub it in TCU's face. Side note: He was arrested at 6:00 a.m. knocking on doors in a neighborhood.  
  • UT's fired basketball coach has put his house up for sell. Here's the listing
  • 80 for Brady looks like the worst movie ever made.