Random Monday Morning Thoughts

The same man who died a few weeks back.

  • Someone didn't want to go to school today. Southlake Carroll just had a bomb threat. Evacuations occurring. 
  • Edit: Unauthorized man on crane in Dallas right now.

  • So after the Chinese balloon was shot down, the U.S. took down three other "unidentified" objects over the weekend.  Am I the only one who thinks you don't shoot things down unless you know exactly what you are hitting? Then again, I bet we know exactly what they were.

  • Ken Paxton, who we elect time and time again, had a Friday news dump. He once fired four assistant attorneys general after the accused him of committing a crime. They immediately sued. In this employment at will state, it's one of the very few reasons you can't fire someone. Don't worry, you'll pay for both his crookedness and his incompetency to the tune of $3.3 million. 

  • Ask for something ridiculous new perk and then just settle for over a third of a billion dollars for another project. That's how it works. (The total operating budget of DPS last year was already $1.4 billion.)

  • Death toll in Turkey/Syria has risen to at least 34,000.  The rescue area is about the size of Pennsylvania. 

  • Super Precision Forecast: My weather teams me that it will be raining buckets in Wise County at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow, but then it will drop off dramatically with only a sprinkle by 8:00 a.m. It will be brief, but it will be intense. And we'll have high winds all day. 
  • Fox4Terry was working a shooting in Deep Ellum. I've said it before, I love how Dallas detectives show up at crime scenes in white shirts, tie, and jackets. 

  • Super Bowl quick hits unrelated to the actual game:
    • Let's check in on Mr. Sunshine.

    • Let's check in on Mr. Crazy. 

    • The Chiefs' "no one believed in us all year" mantra is about as tiresome as it is untrue. 
    • There was something funny about this moment of Mahomes after he tweaked his ankle.

    • The jack of Damar Hamlin -- the Buffalo Bill who almost died on the field. Not sure what is going on there. 

    • The Fox Pre-Game show, yesterday and all season long, is an absolute beating to watch. It is so bad.

    • Since the game was in Arizona, the Eagles should just refuse to accept the outcome. <rimshot> 

  • There are probably very few people out there who listen to WBAP, but 69 year old Hal Jay has received his heart transplant and will leave the hospital today.