Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

The merger of American and United was approved by both boards. American was in a bad way having filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. 

  • And another.  Here is the video of people running for their lives as gunshots rang out last night.

  • Yesterday, a man rushed the defendant in the courtroom before the sentencing in a Buffalo mass shooting case, and you've probably seen the video. At first I thought he knew there was no way he could get to the shooter, but he is so big that he might have actually pulled it off if he had lowered his shoulder and gave it the good ol' college try. But I'm not sure his heart was really into it.

  • This story came out over the weekend, but I just saw it, and it has some some crazy footage. Below is a still shot of a video of an anti-tank missile traveling horizontal to the ground towards a bunch of aid workers in Ukraine, including an American who was a former marine. The New York Times even has the video which is included in the story. (I was able to "gift" the link since it is normally behind a paywall.)

  • The chances of military aircraft being involved in any crash on U.S. soil is very high. We had a Blackhawk helicopter go down yesterday in Alabama, killing two. 

  • I ranted about Texas Scorecard yesterday trying to demonize teachers, and now they have new ammunition

  • If he was flying in underage girlfriends, he is going to get away with it. 

  • I saw this headline, but it really was somewhat old news. The missed bullet and the autopsy error were discovered many months ago and led to a complete overhaul of the ME's office. This is now the trial that the DA has decided to go forward with. This guy now has to take it in the shorts over someone else's mistake. 

  • For a second there I thought this was about the rapper 50 Cent. 

  • Rest in Peace to the bombshell of my youth.

  • This was amazing. The Rangers posted the tweet below yesterday morning to promote their off-season signing of Jacob deGrom, who they will pay $185,000,000 over five years.  In less than an hour, the team announced that muscle tightness prevented him from throwing on the first day of spring training. 

  • Yes, I'm having a talk with my Weather Team.  I don't want to hear any mumbo jumbo about the "the cap." 
  • The domestic violence charges against the former UT basketball coach were dismissed yesterday and probably properly so. There was probably no way the DA could win it.  

    • But UT made it clear in its dismissal letter that it such a result was not going to change anything. 

  • Only one minute of this album is available to listen to, but I want it. 

  • Messenger: Above the Fold