Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

This was a nutty story of a fired police officer going crazy. And I had forgotten that police opened fire by mistake on two different pick-ups in an effort to try apprehend him. Wiki entry.

  • A typical Monday night in America. 

    • "Run. Hide. Fight." - The actual warning sent out by Michigan State. And they actually did run. We have agreed to live this way. 

  • She's "in" this morning. The more people who run, the greater the chances of Trump getting the nomination due to the screwy primary voting. 

  • We missed?

  • The man on a crane in Dallas is still up there as the storms moved through this morning. Now he will deal with high winds.  This happened on the campus of SMU a few years back. That one didn't end well

  • This was a wild ride. Seventy-one seconds into the flight the plane suddenly plummeted towards the ocean but then pulled up with only 775 feet to go.

  • This quote from John Kirby, the National Security Council Coordinator for Strategic Communications, at a White House briefing yesterday seems to explain a lot about the recent UFOs. 

  • Interesting case out of Lubbock involving a defendant from Granbury. He didn't testify during the guilt-not guilt phase but, once found guilty, he took the stand in the punishment phase. From there, he fell on the sword and admitted his guilt and expressed remorse. It worked out for him. 

  • He is such a strange guy. I'm not buying his Tesla. And I'm not getting in one of his rockets. And I'm not sure what this even means.

  • I've made it no secret that I think Mark Cuban is a fraud especially when it comes to technology. He loved NFTs and Crypto, he once said that Google would never buy YouTube because they would be sued "into oblivion" for copyright violations, and, I swear to gawd, he once said that streaming home video would "never go mainstream" because "we will never have enough bandwidth." (I listen to every Ticket interview this guy has given like a hawk.) 
    • But we continue to run to him for his tech thoughts. Here they ask him about ChatGPT and it reveals a trick he always uses. He will throw out just enough terminology to make you think he has tremendous knowledge about a subject.  He doesn't. 

  • That's a bad bit.

  • Best still frame of what prompted the game ending holding call in the Super Bowl. 

  • The headline below about Dan Patrick trying to appease the rabid far right wing base with the unveiling of his 30 Top Priorities -- focusing on issues they love to hate even if they don't exist (CRT, voter fraud etc.), -- seems to a little opinionated in using the word "red meat." They are right, but it's still an odd headline.