Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

In one of the all-time weird stories that was quickly forgotten, this week in 2013 a man called 911 saying he had hurt his back falling off of 380 onto Sandy Creek. He was airlifted. Then it was discovered that the same man, a couple of weeks earlier, had called 911 in Tarrant County after reporting he had fallen eight feet off a trail by Lake Worth. But it gets weirder. Less than a month after the Big Sandy Creek 911 call, he will again call 911 reporting he had been bitten by a snake in Jacksboro.

  • "If Sandy Hook didn't change America, nothing will." The faces of the dead at Michigan State: 

  • When seeing stories like this, I used to sometimes wonder if a child had been, perhaps properly, just overly cautious/suspicious and had simply misinterpreted a situation. After Athena Strand, I don't think that any longer.

  • Crane Man finally came down yesterday morning albeit in a harness. He became "more cooperative" after the weather worsened.  

  • Texas Scorecard is a far-right wing website born from money of the same West Texas Oil Men who created the big money Empower Texans PAC. Its big purpose these days is school vouchers which is just an attempt to funnel tax money from public schools to Christian private schools. To do so, lately they've gone on an attack of public schools trying to scare you into believing the aren't safe. Boyd was in their cross-hairs yesterday. Note how they don't even call the accusations as "charges" or "alleged conduct." It states it as fact. They better hope they are right.  (But the story also quotes a go-to source which also blamed "over-sexualized kids.")

  • If you haven't seen the video of a Philadelphia crowd destroying a car -- and celebrating on top of it -- before the Super Bowl game, here you go. Cops are looking for those involved and released their own video of still photos gathered from social media trying to ID as many of them as they can.

  • One of the "very fine people" at the white supremacy rally at Charlottesville is no longer with us. That's him, or was him, in the center of the photo. 

  • Everyone thinking there has been some type of Chernobyl in Ohio might want to to tap the brakes. It's ok to be very cautious about the aftermath of the train derailment over a week ago, but I'd stop there.  All the hysteria seems to have started with this post by an anti-vax documentarian who is big into satanic conspiracy theories as well. 

  • This is on the cover of the San Antonio paper today. I don't know if I could find eight ladies, much less 58, willing to go along with this. 

  • Speaking of wedding bits, I should have used this photo yesterday to go along with my "that's a bad bit" bullet point for the Mavs' game wedding. 

  • Liberally Lean Always Accurate Wise County Forecast: Brief storms peak around 5:30 p.m. today. Cold front comes in at 1:00 a.m.  High temperature tomorrow is 44.