Random Friday Morning Thoughts

A thirty-four minute delay. 

  • This might be a new tactic in the PR wars. If you get accused of something, just immediately go guns blazin' on the attack. He doesn't care if he collects. This is about damage control. 

  • And it looks like the guy at the top will survive Uvalde as well. Incredible. 

  • This guy got three years in prison yesterday. Not enough.

  • There seems to be a trend of defendants taking the stand in their own defense. In general, I support this strategy since the chances of conviction has always seemed to me to be significantly higher when the defendant sits silent -- despite the jury promising they won't hold that against him. Then again, sometimes the defendant's personality, or his history, gives you no choice but to recommend he not take the stand. Ultimately, it is his choice.

  • A faithful reader pointed out to me that the Zillow Gone Wild house in Southlake is owned by Frank Renda, the CEO of Southland Holdings
  • Let's check in on our crazy representative. Uh, is this called engaging in a "cancel culture?"

  • The leader of the Republican Party decided this morning that he would deny having an affair with Stormy Daniels. Go ahead, nominate him for 2024.

  • I glanced at this story about the newly elected DA in Waco who has had to recuse his office in several high profile cases currently pending because he worked as a defense lawyer on those cases. But there was one sentence in the story that floored me. The kid to the right of the DA in the photo below is Christopher Weiss. "Weiss has been in the McLennan County Jail since Nov. 8, 2017." Good lord. And now there's not even a prosecutor assigned to the case. 

    • There's something else about that story which bugs me. If the DA has a conflict of interest, that DA shouldn't be the one choosing his replacement. The court should be making that decision. 
  • Random photo of King Charles this week. 

  • It was announced last night that UT and OU would be leaving the Big 12 after the next season. They will either pay, or give up the rights to, $100 million to do so.  And this occurred on the same day that the SEC said it was distributing $49.9 million per school for its annual payout. 

  • Random legal stuff: A Wise County criminal case was affirmed on appeal yesterday by the Fort Worth Court of Appeals.  The argument that "the sentence is too long because it won't rehabiliate me" didn't work. 
  • With the heavy rains earlier this, I suppose the City of Runaway Bay again started dumping raw sewage into Lake Bridgeport . Nothing has changed there to solve that problem they announced a few months back. 
  • I've never once considered DeMarcus Ware a Hall of Famer. Seriously, those guys are suppose to "wow" you. He never wowed me.  

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 220 days.