Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Chris Kyle was killed 10 years ago.  One thing that has always stuck with me was this story trying to confirm his claim he killed two would-be carjackers at a gas station station "right off highway 67" south of the metroplex.

  •  Quick hits on the Chinese balloon shoot-down: 
    • So we've had four prior Chinese balloons fly over us, three during Trump's administration and one other one during Biden's. And one went over Texas. From Fox News: 

    • Anyone got a cheaper way of bringing down a balloon other than using a $400,000 sidewinder missile?

    • If you want to blame someone for all of this, I nominate Space Force. 
    • Here's the most redneck live commentary ever of two guys videoing the shootdown. Extreme language warning. 
    • It's also distinctly America to obsess over a balloon all weekend, and not even to be aware that unemployment hit a 50 year low on Friday.
  • There's always rumors of legalized gambling coming to Texas, but the rumblings seem a little stronger this time. Pete Geren's bill would put seven casinos in Texas with two of them in DFW.

  • Ever since that icy multi-car pileup on the freeway in Fort Worth, those in charge have been quick to shut down all the NTTA toll roads during bad weather. And they don't open them back up very quickly either. I'm certain they didn't re-open until Saturday. 
  • Over the weekend at Austin's airport, a landing FedEx plane almost landed on top a departing Southwest jet. Animation here

  • The man Dick Cheney shot in the face in 2006 has died

  • Barely makes the news here: Back to back earthquakes overnight has killed at least 1,900 in Turkey. 

  • Weird: A county constable* in Eagle Pass in missing. Her auto was found in a parking lot of an apartment complex (not hers) covered in a tarp. (*I've seen her referred to as "constable", "deputy constable" and "former deputy constable.")

  • Best moment for the defense in the Alex Murdaugh trial was on Friday when the State's firearm "expert" said he was "100% certain" that spent and ejected shell casings were fired from the same gun. Buddy, your messing with junk science to start with, and there's no way you are "100% certain" about your opinion. And shame on the State for sponsoring him as a witness. The question actually came from the defense lawyer who didn't expect him to say that. Video.

  • I'm not sure I understand Harry Styles. From the Grammy's last night:

  • The Star-Telegram had a story over the weekend of how 16 homes in one neighborhood were purchased by one investment company and then bundled up to be sold as a package to other would-be investors. 

  • This is a wild story. He was still in jail as of Friday on charges he robbed a Credit Union in Tulsa in December. 

  • More firearm legal news on the heels of the 5th Circuit holding unconstitutional a law banning firearm possession by someone subjected to a domestic abuse protective order:
    • On Wednesday, the 5th Circuit will hear arguments on whether a federal law banning firearm possession who is under state criminal indictment, but not convicted, is constitutional. Prediction: It doesn't stand a snowball's chance. 
    • On Friday, an Oklahoma federal judge struck down on Second Amendment grounds a federal law banning firearm possession "by  users of substances made unlawful by the federal Controlled Substances Act", including marijuana. (Honestly, I had never even heard of that one.)
    • Side note: These federal laws are rarely enforced.
  • So Mark Cuban bet the farm by trading for a guy who believes the Earth is flat and was suspended earlier this year for anti-Jewish comments and then refused to apolozize?