Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

"At 17, he became one of the youngest stars in the industry and posed in Calvin Klein ads for jeans, underwear and the Euphoria fragrance. He has graced the pages of Esquire, GQ and Vanity Fair, to name a few." I was curious how that the SMU football career as a cornerback went so I found his stats. But he's still a model, so that's a win over most of us. 

  • Hoax bomb threats were called into Walmarts across the country with one impacting the store in North Richland Hills last night. Don't be stupid, people.

  • This probably won't ring a bell until . . . 

    • . . . you see this. It's amazing they never caught this kid. 

  • How big was that balloon?:

  • Regarding the whole Fentanyl problem as a whole, I don't understand making a recreational drug which kills people you wish to sell to. 

  • The Texas legislature is definitely back in session.  This guy is an orthopedic surgeon. 

  • The stolen monkeys from the Dallas Zoo is now old news, but I just learned the monkey-napper took them home on DART's light rail.

  • Ted Cruz didn't like the Grammy's. 

  • The Jewish Space Laser lady got to be Speaker Pro Tem yesterday.

  • Train vs. truck on Bonds Ranch Road yesterday morning. Every time I look down Bonds Ranch from 287, that two lane road is packed for as far as the eye can see. 

  • I want to groan, but he'd probably be pretty good at it. 

  • Random legal news. 
    • Every time a judicial vacancy opens up in Dallas County, Gov. Abbott appoints the same person who then gets beat the next time she has to win an election. 

    • I wonder about the fairness of a judge when, after he hits a mandatory retirement age, thinks that what he really wants to do is be an assistant prosecutor

  • Casinos might be a hard sell, but I don't know why Texas prohibits sports gambling via the Internet. Twenty-six states allow it. 

  • Is he suffering from some CTE symptoms we didn't know about?

  • New Jersey's reaction to latest Maverick's news.

  • The dead in Turkey and Syria from the earthquakes has now surpassed 5,000.