Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

This case always bugged me -- although it did give rise to one of the all time great photos above. But I think some kind of rare post-trial deal was struck in this case. I can't remember. 

  • Scenes from the State of the Union:.
    • Bono and Paul Pelosi (wearing a hat to cover where his head got crushed with a hammer.)

    • A mysterious cane kept showing up on the screen as it was raised. 

    • Parents of the deceased Tyre Nichols.

    • Brandon Tsay, who disarmed the shooter responsible for killing 11 people in Monterey Park, California

    • Krysten Sinema being Krysten Sinema.

    • After heckling, she had go try and kill 101 Dalmatians. 

  • I don't exactly know what all is going on in Godley (story below), but here's a video of the last city council meeting where Mayor Acy McGehee stands up and yells "Silence!" to the crowd. (Go to around 30:30). It makes Rhome look civil.

  • This is just a drop in the bucket of the amount of fraud that went on in the Payroll Protection Program. 

  • Tarrant County Commissioners voted to buy a $340,000 tank for the Sheriff's Office yesterday . . . . oh . . . excuse me . . . I'm being told . . . 

  • Yesterday Trump was promoting allegations that Ron DeSantis is a pedophile. And he did it twice. Things are going well. 

  • This is a real score from last night. In a basketball game. Involving Weatherford. (And Weatherford is now 19-1 on the year.)

  • Follow-up from yesterday
    • Regarding the 10 year flashback I had about model/SMU player Miles Crosby, a faithful reader tells me that his brother is Maxx Crosby, a productive defensive lineman for the Las Vegas Raiders. 
    • Another faithful reader reminded me that the Texas state senator who was arrested for DWI yesterday morning has been in trouble before

  • Fun fact: The City of Colleyville has two Wise County guys in charge of major departments. Michael Miller (Decatur class of '88) is the Chief of Police, and the Fire Chief is Bridgeport's own Mark Cantrell.
  • This is weird out of Corpus Christi. I was trying to figure out what evidence was "lost" but no one really knows. It sounds like there was a "box or two" delivered to the D.A.'s office from the police, but now the D.A. can't find the boxes. And, truly, no one has any idea what the boxes contained. (Legal nerdy stuff: The order said that it was dismissed because of the "Richard Miles Act" which doesn't make sense -- that's a requirement the police turn over all evidence they get their hands on.) The DA will appeal. They'll win. 

  • First photo of a big junk of the Chinese balloon being plucked out of the ocean: