Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

Should have been taken out when he was clearly injured in that playoff game. He was never the same. 

  • For two hours this morning, we had all airports across the nation shut down domestic takeoffs.  "A Federal Aviation Administration [computer] system that provides pilots with notices they need to read before flying is experiencing an outage, affecting flights in the United States." It wasn't a flight scheduling software, but another system which transmits safety information to pilots. Flights resumed as to 8:00 a.m. CST. But this was the earlier announcement:

  • The Star-Telegram has a front page story about the new Tarrant County DA. But the first thing he needs to do is hire a PR person to handle his sound-bites and refine his quotes because stuff like this ain't gonna cut it. Good grief: 

  • It looks like we've got a modern day Junction Boys. "A Tuesday letter sent by Rockwall-Heath principal Todd Bradford said several students 'needed medical attention, and in some cases, hospitalization,' "

  • Last Thursday, two people were killed in Fort Worth in separate incidents when they were hit by a train. It happened again last night.  And they were all people standing on the tracks. I would suspect suicide because this is one very common, albeit odd, ways to do it. 

  • Re: That shooting death of the man at Alliance Town Center near Dick's Sporting Goods after the auto accident. I don't think we ever learned the identity of the deceased. 

    • I tried to find out who it was on the Tarrant County ME's Office website was without success. But I was shocked to learn they had 49 bodies checked onto 1/1/23, the day of the Dick's shooting. How do the ME's keep up?
  • I think the guy in Houston will escape any criminal charges.  But he sure did seem to enjoy unloading his gun into the guy -- even when he was probably dead. (Video - very graphic version.)

  • The rains in California are torrential. Here's an aerial shot of a sink hole:

  • This is kind of a weird story. The lawyer was going to attend a city council meeting as the city's lawyer when the wreck occurred.  There is no allegation of drugs or alcohol being involved. This may be just another example of the trend of accidents becoming crimes when they never would have been in the past. 

  • Can we ask her to define it first?

  • Lets check in on a network which is no stranger to CRT propaganda, Newsmax.  We are turning into the dumbest nation. 

  • Fun with charts. The Tarrant Count DA's office has a dashboard of facts, and one of them is assistant district attorneys sorted by law school.

  • Fun with charts. Why does Mark Cuban get such a pass in Dallas-Fort Worth

  • Messenger: Above the Fold