Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

The number of suicides seems to always be increasing, but they have always been with us. You never know what someone is dealing with. 

  • Bridgeport ISD recently announced it is moving forward with a $185 million bond package, and Decatur ISD is going with a $313 million proposal, but neither can compare with Denton's announcement

  • Oh, my. I think I see a red-headed Wise County lawyer in there. Better pic in the link. 

  • So the new theme park in Frisco will be (1) a 1/4 of the size of other Universal  theme parks, (2) not at all like those other Universal Parks, (3) caters to younger children, and (4) will basically be a commercial for films like Shrek and Despicable Me.

  • Inflation news this morning: Down again. 

  • Yet another example of a car accident being transformed into a crime by law enforcement. 

  • The Fort Worth Fire Department sure has a good photographer while it is fighting fires. 

  • I still can't believe he said it out loud. (The trial judge is a Trump appointee, by the way.) 

  • Grab bag. Let's check in on some of my favorite people and organizations:
    • Nancy Grace is going to get to the bottom of those Idaho murders!

    • He has to be one of the greatest thinkers of all time. So deep. So profound.  

    • Speaking of. 

    • Fox News.

  • It really doesn't mean anything, but cops went out to the Idaho apartment a few weeks before the murders on a noise complaint and spoke to one of the soon-to-be victims. 

  • New issue of Texas Highways magazine features the Grasslands.

  • Lockheed-Martin is printing money by making a plane that seems to have nothing but problems.

  • Still a wild process to me: Texas Senators drew straws yesterday to determine which one of them will have to run for re-election in 2 years and who gets to wait 4 years. Wise County's senator (who 80% of us can't name) will have to run for re-election in 2 years.  (Each senator's seat either ended up with future terms of 2-4-4 or 4-4-2, and then the senators will draw straws again in 2033. Confusing.)