Random Monday Morning Thoughts

With news that HCA is in talks to buy the local Decatur hospital, I was surprised to see that I actually mentioned both of them in the same bullet point 10 years ago. HCA built Medical City Alliance. Wise Regional built a small surgical center. Both are on North Tarrant Parkway at I-35.

  •  Brazil went all January 6th yesterday. Is Trump now president there?


    • But they deal with Insurrectionists a little differently than us. 

    • For the last couple of months, Steve Bannon has tried to create a little Italy/Mussolini in Brazil as a companion to his vision of America. He called for a January 6th in Brazil last November at a CPAC convention in Mexico City. Video flashback: 
  • Kevin McCarthy finally became Speaker on Friday night, but it was high entertainment. Stay with me here. 
    • Thinking he finally had the votes, McCarthy called for another ballot (the 14th) on Friday evening. He had gotten a couple of the remaining six holdouts to agree to vote a combination of "McCarthy" and/or "present" which would allow him to get the majority.
    • But when it came time for the lead hold-out to vote, Matt Gaetz, he left the chamber to go into the hallway.

    • At the end, Gaetz came back into the Chamber and it was all down to him. If he voted "McCarthy", he would win. If he voted "Present", McCarthy would fall one short. He voted "Present". Oh, my. McCarthy loses again! (But the Republicans actually applaud the vote because they are confused by the count and thought "present" meant McCarthy wins - video.)

    • McCarthy, outraged, then charged up the aisle to confront Gaetz. Something had gone wrong.  Video.

    • After McCarthy walked away, a bubba from Alabama started to go after Gaetz and had to be humorously restrained. Video

    • Ready to give up for the day, McCarthy calls to adjourn for the night, and that vote looks well on its way to passing. But wait! Someone is talking to Gaetz. There might be a breakthrough. 

    • Gaetz will change his vote! So let's not adjourn! McCarthy and others race down to the front table to change their votes to adjourn before the gavel drops. They now vote nay on adjourning. Video.

    • Another vote and success! McCarthy is Speaker. 

    • Not everyone was entertained. Note the book. 

  • Also on Friday:

  • We had Uvalde news over the weekend. But none of it involved the firing/retirement of the the $300,000 Man. 
    • But there was an unheard of firing of a Texas Ranger.

    • Momma was arrested for something new.

  • Developments in one of the craziest crimes ever in North Texas -- a cartel hit in Southlake Town Center.

  • The Chairman of the Wise County Republicans went after our state rep in the Denton Record Chronicle in a Letter to The Editor. (Full letter here.)  I think this violates Ronald Reagan's 11th Commandment, but those days are long gone. 

  • The man who was arrested for throwing a beer at Ted Cruz during the Astro's parade has been no-billed by the grand jury.

  • Remember how I told you that part of Hitler's rise to power was to celebrate the day of his failed coup and make a martyr out of his supporters who died that day? Video.

  • The NFL is such a racket. You can pay a player less when on injured reserve? (And I seriously doubt the Bills have "worked something out" here. You can't just bypass union contracts even when they are bad.)

  • I liked TCU's Max Dugan before other people liked TCU's Max Dugan. From 10/5/2020:

  • Cowboy notes: (1) With Philadelphia's win yesterday, there has not been a repeat winner of the NFC East since 2003. List.  (2) Dak has thrown three pick-sixes in the last four games, and an interception in seven straight games. (3) Cowboys open up as a three point favorite over Tampa Bay.  (4) The last time the Cowboys won a playoff road game was 1992. They are 0-8 since then.