Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

That is from Random Thoughts from 1/8/12. Hold that thought for a second. The topic will come up again. 

  • Oh, TCU. What a beat down. If you turned it off, it ended up 65-7. The Star-Telegram is admirably trying to spin it the best they can . . .  
    • It was easy to guess afterwards that it was the worst defeat every in any previous National Championship game . . .  

    • . . .  but it was also the largest margin of victory in any bowl game ever -- and there have been a ton of bowl games. (Although the record had been set just a few days ago.)

    • It's easily the greatest TCU season in history, but now they have to walk away from it with two losses and not even a Big 12 Championship to show for it. 
    • Quality comedy.

    • Prices from the Championship Game last night.

  • "Diamond" of Diamond & Silk has died. We hadn't seen much of her since Fox News kicked them off the network because of their COVID misinformation.

    • I thought the following smelled like a grift so I clicked on the link . . . 

    • . . . Yep. All the money just goes to her sister's pocket. No conditions. Incredible. 

  • There's a lot of feel-good lying go around regarding Damar Hamlin's recovery.

  • Some headlines make you do a double-take. It is referring to Paula White. 

  • No deaths, only injuries, but a road rage shooting shut down Central Expressway in the middle of the afternoon in Dallas yesterday. People are crazy.

  • Today's record high at DFW airport is 79. Here is Delkus' predictions:

  • I told you to hold that thought.  This is insane, but apparently I'm just screaming into the void. The comptroller had previously projected a $27 billion surplus.  

  • All that lawyer advertising must be paying off. Or maybe it's not

  • The Proud Boys are finally in the Justice Department's cross-hairs this week.  

  • This is really amazing: Without an opinion even being issued, the U.S. Supreme Court unanimously reversed Texas' highest criminal court yesterday. Get this: Even though the prosecutors and the defense agree that flawed DNA evidence led to the conviction, Texas highest criminal court had ignored them and said the man should die anyway. Thus, the appeal to the Supreme Court.

    • The D.A.'s office even officially told the Supreme Court, "Hey! We agree with the Defendant!"

  • Kliff Kingsbury was fired yesterday. Below was my hot take from 4/25/19. I was close. Murray will hang around, but he should be out as well. 

  • Final AP College Football poll. TCU is #2 due to an unwritten rule. The Evil Empire made the list, too.