Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Nothing changed, and I'd still take Danny White over Romo. And I found the video on YouTube of the interception that I was referencing. Man, it was horrible. It was against the Redskins and RG3 in the last game of the year. 

  • News this morning. Apparently he likes driving heavy machinery. He's been in a ton of things, but I really liked him American Hustle.

  • We had an arrest ate last week in the Idaho murder mystery. The probable cause affidavit, which will detail what evidence they have against him, will be released once he gets extradited back to Idaho which should be this week.  I'm very interested in what it says especially since police have hinted that DNA is involved.  Genetic genealogy involved?

    • Funny.

    • I got a late Christmas gift when I looked up the other night and saw Nancy Grace covering the case on Fox News. She told us that it looked like the accused was "born with a silver spoon" based upon "all the trees" and land surrounding his house from the aerial shots. 

  • Good grief. They spent a week in jail. 

  • When the Catholics display a body, they really display a body.

  • All the tabloids are running with the headline of "sucked into plane",  and it may very well have happened that way, but I haven't seen any credible new source describe it that way. The most they will says is that it was an "industrial-like accident".  The FAA should release a preliminary statement today. 

  • Tim O'Hare has already been sworn in as Tarrant County Judge. This will be a disaster. And he made sure that he took the oath on an extra large Bible which is simply foreshadowing. And he wanted to send a  message that he is extra Christian.

  • Interesting side note:  "The property was purchased by the Three Affiliated Tribes of the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation based in central North Dakota."  There's a fairly new documentary about the shooting on Paramount+ called 11 minutes with a bunch of bodycam and cellphone video from that night. It looks intense. 

  • I normally wouldn't care about a racetrack in Anna, but the story in the Morning News referenced Decatur. 

  • Local radio: Long-time board op for The Ticket for the Musers and the Norm Hitzges show, formerly known as Jeremy Moran and who recently retired from the station, announced on Twitter last night that he is in Transition. She even added a picture.  The comments posted have been nothing but positive.
  • Most of the New Year's Eve shows on TV are gawd-awful, but there was one very cool performance by David Byrne and Miley Cyrus covering David Bowie's "Let's Dance."  Byrne looked a bit uncomfortable at first, but soon got into it. His voice is still there. Video.
  • Just Ginni Thomas admitting she was talking with her Supreme Court Justice husband about overthrowing the election while she was texting the Chief of Staff of the defeated president. And Clarence Thomas didn't recuse himself when the cases came before the Supreme Court -- and instead dissented with an opinion in one of them.  

  • Link to the disturbing video of UT coach Steve Sarkisian absolutely losing his mind because a guy, who was in charge of telling them when they can run onto the field, touched him. That man's not right. 

  • I cannot believe TCU is going to play for the National Championship, but that was a wildly entertaining game.  A lot of people ridiculously thought TCU was was going to be a blow-out after Michigan's first play of the game was a 53 yard run to the TCU 22 yard line.  To me, that brought back memories of the first play of the previously most famous bowl game the Frogs were in, the 2011 Rose Bowl against Wisconsin (which they also won.) That first play: