Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

From the Messenger's 1/15/13 issue. The home was just west of Decatur.

  • Still no results in the election for the Mayor of Crazytown.

    • Trump had no impact in getting him elected, so another man is coming to the rescue before dawn.

    • This Speaker's election is turning everything upside down. Last night Hannity went after Boebert, and MSNBC invited her on.   

    • The hosts on Fox and Friends are mad at the "20 rebels" this morning

  • Reading between the lines of the Messenger's most recent lead story, the hospital in Decatur will most certainly be sold to HCA - "a massive healthcare provider based out of Nashville with 182 hospitals." On possibly a related note, is this report from the American Hospital Association.

  • The alleged killer of the four students in Idaho was brought back to the state last night. Although no new facts were released, Nance Grace was on TV this morning to convict him.  (Honestly, I just wanted an excuse to post this screenshot.) 

  • Missed this one yesterday out of Granbury.

  • I want that woman's press agent. The Decatur High grad who gave birth to twins in different years made it all the way to Good Morning America

  • Does anything matter anymore?  

  • Montague County news.

  • On the morning of December 30th (last Friday), there was a ridiculously long line wrapped around Spec's liquor at Walnut and Central Expressway in Dallas. Some thought it was because of all liquor stores being closed on the following Sunday and Monday, but that wouldn't make sense for a Friday. Turns out, it had something to do with a release of a bourbon. It all makes no sense to me.

  • It was a 20 year contract over in Denton, but there was a strange "opt out" provision. Apogee has now opted out of UNT naming rights.

  • Random passing rates for the State Bar exam.

  • Buc-ee’s by the Speedway is adding a $6 million car wash