Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

At least one of those shows still appears on TV with regularity

  • The House of Representatives has grinded to a halt after the Republican majority can't decide on who they want to be Speaker. After three votes, they are still out of luck.  And with each vote, Kevin McCarthy got less votes. 

    • More accurately, about 20 crazy Republicans have hijacked the party which is pretty much how the Republican Party operates these days. Texas has 3 of the 20: Chip Roy, Michael Cloud, and the newly elected Keith Self out of Plano (who, I just remembered, only won because of the crazy Van Taylor affair story.)

    • The Republicans have such a slim majority that it was actually the Democrat nominee, Hakeem Jeffries, who garnered the most votes after all three votes. But you need 218 to win. It will be a Republican, we just don't know who. They are back in session at 11:00 CST.

    • Breaking: The Pope of The Republican Party has issued an edict the morning: Vote for Kevin McCarthy because he will "do a good job, and maybe even a great job." This just got even more entertaining. 

    • One weird thing about this is that no Congressman can get sworn in for this new 118th Congress until there is a speaker chosen. Yet every member of this new Congress is voting on the Speaker before being sworn in.  Not sure how that works
  • Nothing like a fender bender turning into two guys drawing down and opening firing one one another,  with one killing the other, in front of Dick's Sporting Goods in Alliance Town Center at high noon. 

  • Details emerge about the again indictments against the Clay County Sheriff.
  • Related: A citizen journalist trying to cover the Sheriff's arrest had her phone ripped from her and thrown on a building. A "local Henrietta businessman", who is no stranger to Clay County politics, was arrested by a constable as a result. Clay County is wild. 
  • "Buster" of Dave & Buster's has died, apparently due to suicide. Police were called to his Lakewood Home two days ago.  “Buster Corley had a stroke four months ago that caused severe damage to the communication and personality part of his brain,” Corley’s daughter Kate Corley told WFAA.

  • Tucker Carlson decided to use a life threatening injury to spread COVID vaccine misinformation and doubt last night.  He's not alone. These people are all around you. Amazing. 
  • The Texas Comptroller just casually dropped on Twitter yesterday than the budget surplus in Texas will be over $27 billion.  How does everyone not understand that this is proof positive we are being over-taxed?
  • A faithful reader pointed out to me yesterday that my bullet point about the Denton couple who had twins born in different years actually involved a mother, Kali Jo Scott, who went or graduated from Decatur High School.
  • Fun fact: Almost everyone in the country is closer to a National Park than Wise County.