Random Friday Morning Thoughts

This was a response to Sandy Hook. I suppose that policy has been repealed because they wouldn't, heaven forbid, want to appear to be "woke."

  •  It's the second anniversary of the day we almost lost America: The Trump Insurrection.  

  • The Speaker vote continues. Eleven votes and still no Speaker of the House. They will go through the motions again today. Delicious. 

    • Relevant 1/6 flashbacks of two of the big players in this fiasco:

    • This weird photograph posted by Wise County's own crazy Ronny Jackson is getting a little more relevant. Lauren Boebert, who is leading the charge against McCarthy, is standing beside Jackson, and Byron Donalds, who is getting votes for Speaker, is on the far left.

  • Photojournalist Fox4Terry out there breaking news this morning. Here's the location on a map if interested.  

  • The full probable cause affidavit in the Idaho slayings has been released, and the New York Times has a great timeline summary of it (free link).  Although the survivors in the multi-level apartment are innocent, the fact below is almost impossible to fathom. Remember that the 911 call won't be made until almost noon.  Kernodle is one of the victims here: 

  • Re: The recovering Buffalo Bills player. Anyone buying that this is how it all went down two nights ago?

  • Remember how  I believed cops were using a database of license plate readers to instantly determine, during a traffic stop, where the car had been over the last few days? Well, I was right and it's no longer a secret. The national database the cops use is called "DEASIL" and the log-in page for law enforcement is on the web. And DPS even openly solicits local agencies to become a part of it's license plate reader database system. I've seen cops now openly talk about the database on bodycams.

  • Gone.

  • This Tarrant County judge needed to throttle it back a little bit regarding his "contempt of court" dog and pony show -- a show where the big finale shamefully occurred behind closed doors.  This was all over an alleged violation of a "gag order" for witnesses -- which is arguably unconstitutional in the first place. And then to resolve the issue in the shadows is a bad look. (He's made the news before.)

    KERA reporter

  • Tarrant County DA/Judge news. I've heard of other big moves coming. 

  • Time which has passed since the Wise County Sheriff's Office, despite having a full male DNA profile, has failed to solve the murder of Lauren Whitener in her home at Lake Bridgeport: 3 years, 185 days.
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