Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

"Is that a snake under that bench?"
"Yep, a massive one."

I posted this 10 years ago as a callback to a May, 2009 incident on the Wise County courthouse square.  It feels a little different now because Allen Williamson, who just passed away, is in the photo (in the white shirt).  I also should note that the photo includes people who would go on to become a district judge (Brock Smith, kneeling), a governor's candidate (Paul Belew, far left), and a district attorney (James Stainton in the black shirt?). Heck, there might be a future Justice of the Peace in there (Callie Manning-Watts in yellow?) And shout out to the bailiff of County Court at Law #1. 

  • Let's see how the mass shooting legislative response is going:
    • Committees! He will solve it with committees!

    • Unannounced intruder detection! What could go wrong?

    • And while children are being buried in Uvalde, Ted Cruz is posting bits. 

  • In case you haven't seen it, CNN tracked down the Uvalde Consolidated ISD Police Chief. I didn't know what I expected, but just going to work like it is just another day was not it. 

  • We hardly had time to breath before there's another one. 
  • I really don't have any fiery opinions on transgenderism, but I do believe every human being should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • I'm hearing about lots of Wise County folks coming down with COVID.
  • That was a lot of rain in the early morning hours. It seems to have been concentrated in northern half of Wise County when it went through.
  • Marion Barber had been acting strangely for a few years.  I have no idea if it was CTE related, but you've got to consider it.  The NFL just eats up, beats up, and throws out running backs left and right.  In about three years, Zeke Elliott will be completely out of the league. 
    • Uh, that's a little dismissive.

  • Hot legal opinion on the Depp vs. Heard verdict: I don't understand any of it. Bid did you see the jury initially announced they had a verdict but the judge had to send them back into the jury room because they forgot to fill out the damages portion of the verdict form? How is that possible?  By the way, Depp wasn't in the courtroom because he had a "conflicting engagement." 
  • Two years ago yesterday. Still a jaw-dropping incident. 
  • I mentioned the other day that this will be the month of Supreme Court opinions. I had no idea there will be 33 of them.