Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

We didn't have the primary election until May 29, 2012 back then, and afterwards David Dewhurst and Ted Cruz were headed to a run-off for the vacant Senate seat. I had forgotten that Cruz didn't get the most votes. This was my message to Cruz supporters:

  • New video shows kids escaping from Robb Elementary but also picks up on 911 dispatch relaying to officers that kids were still alive inside.

  • This was really a great photo from Sunday. The crosses in the background with the names on them. The school's brick sign prominently displayed.  The president and his wife the only people in the photo. A symbolic (?) forked tree in the center above Biden's head.  It was taken by a French photographer.

  • As was this one, which was reprinted everywhere, may end up being the lasting image. It was taken by Pete Luna with the local Uvalde paper.  

  • This guy somehow got coverage on both WFAA and Fox 4 yesterday as he plans to head to Uvalde.  I think it's a little to early to start with cutesy bits to make people feel better.

  • The Republicans sending John Cornyn to a "bi-partisan committee" in response to the Uvalde shooting is nothing but for show. Nothing -- absolutely nothing -- will come out of it. 

  • I keep forgetting to post this. The manufacturer of the two AR-15s in the Uvalde massacre, Daniel Defense, scrambled and deleted this tweet from May 16th after the shooting went down. 

  • I saw that "Fox4Terry" had covered this wreck yesterday morning, and then . . .

    • . . . later in the afternoon we found out it involved the death of a former TCU football player. 

  • Tomorrow marks the start of June which will be the month when major Supreme Court opinions for this term are released. We've got abortion, a the Second Amendment, and the coach lead on-the-field prayer cases coming down soon. Meanwhile . . . 

  • Even if the jury finds he was "defamed", I hope they give him only $1 this week.

  • Man, this has been forgotten in light of the Uvalde news, but the guy that escaped from TDC on May 12th is still on the loose. (For you legal nerdy guys, here's the appellate opinion affirming his life sentence without parole in 2008.)

  • Random sports

  • Uvalde shook so much I never got around to mentioning that the the Book-Banning/Never-Tried-A-Case DA candidate in Tarrant County lost his election. (But the guy who won actually got endorsed by Trump so this isn't exactly anything to celebrate.)