Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

That was a wild story. He was a carjacking suspect who fled from cops in Deep Ellum and made it to the crane on the campus of SMU at 11:30 a.m.  Fourteen hours later, in the middle of the night, he fell to his death. 

  • The funerals for 19 dead children have begun. This story was the absolute gut punch.

  • Yesterday DPS took another punch to its already staggering reputation.
    • When DPS' $300,000 Man gave his press conference on Friday to "set the record straight" regarding the false statements various DPS officials and Gov. Abbott had told the public, one thing which was stunning was the moment when Col. Steve McCraw threw a Uvalde teacher under the bus.
    • He said the the gunman entered a door which had been "propped open" by a teacher. 

    • Here's the video of it. Some people didn't take kindly to that when it happened: 

    • But yesterday, after the teacher's lawyer said that McCraw had lied, another new spokesman for DPS, Travis Considine, made an appearance and completely backtracked and said that while the door had been propped open initially, the teacher removed the object keeping it propped open and then shut the door. However, the locking mechanism failed to catch. This is on video, the DPS spokesman said. Sheesh. 
    • There is no doubt that teacher since last Friday has been going through absolute hell. McCraw didn't say her name, but there is no question everyone in that small town knew exactly who it was. We know how that works. Can DPS screw this up any more? Today is a new day. 
  • In another wild twist, now we've learned that the two agencies at front and center of the failure-to-act controversy have stopped cooperating with other investigating agencies. 

      • "According to sources, the decision to stop cooperating occurred soon after the director of DPS, Col. Steven McCraw, held a news conference Friday during which he said the delayed police entry into the classroom was 'the wrong decision' and contrary to protocol."
      • I bet when McCraw targeted the agencies with his "the wrong decision" comment (which I pointed out yesterday was weird because he said it in response to a question while rattled and it was not in his prepared remarks), that the agencies were taken completely by surprise. 
      • So you've ridiculed people in the past for "lawyering up" and not cooperating with police? Well here's an example of two entire police departments understanding that once those in authority make you the target, that authority is not your friend and doesn't want to talk to you to "help you." And those agencies should know. 
  • But the man at the head of the controversy, Uvalde Consolidated ISD Police Chief Pete Arredondo is not completely in hiding. He was supposed to be sworn in as a new city councilman last night for the City of Uvalde but the meeting was cancelled. But then, in a secret meeting in the afternoon, he actually was sworn in. The mayor then issued this weird press release to announce it. 

  • Let me try to move on to other stuff . . . 
  • A few days back the Fifth Circuit wildly let the new Texas law stand which prevented any big social media company from "censoring" comments on their privately owned platforms. The Supreme Court finally took action late yesterday and stopped the law again in its tracks. (This is beyond bizarre how it is even open for debate.)

  • Trump was not happy yesterday when the only attempted prosecution for his "the FBI set me up in this Russian collusion narrative" ended up in a quick not guilty verdict.
    The man continues to spiral deeper into insanity.

  • The Boyd School Superintendent has resigned to take a new job.  She suffered the lose of her husband in the horrible icy pile-up on I-35 in Fort Worth in February of last year. 
  • If you cared about this house in Arlington which used to be owned by Pantera's Vinnie Paul, you might be interested to know it has been demolished

  • I'm extremely tired of the QAnon congressman, and I've ignored this for a few days, but if you want to see her in a brief conspiratorial rant involving Bill Gates and "fake meat" with the added bonus of her referring to a petri dish as a "peach tree dish", here ya go.

  • Random sports thought: You know what is wildly entertaining? The NCAA golf finals tourney on the Golf Channel.  It's match play and has a Ryder cup feel to it. Yesterday, I caught an OU player trying to sink a put to keep the entire Sooner team from being eliminated while all his teammates, who had already finished, were huddled off the green watching him. 
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