Random Tuesday Morning Thoughts

This was the origin of "Benghazi", occurring on 9/11/12.

  • Breaking inflation news: Not as good as the Biden Administration had hoped.  The decline in gas prices alone raised expectation that it would be less than 8.3%

    • Stock market reaction as of 8:28 a.m.:

  • Better map that I had yesterday regarding Ukraine's gains against Russia.

  • As 40 new Justice Department subpoenas were flying yesterday, there was a lot of online buzz about Trump having a meeting on his golf course with lots of people who weren't playing golf. The equivalent of a mafia mob meeting away from cameras and recording devices? Naaa. The guy in red is the golf course superintendent.  

  • This wasn't already the case?

    • Let's check out the reaction of Wise County's (very unstable) congressional rep. 

    • He really is a certifiable nut job. Yesterday, for example:

  • This sounds like a murder-suicide, but that's about the only information available. 

  • When Susan Smith killed her two kids in a lake in 1994, it was a national shockwave. The killing of three children over the weekend in New York, however, hardly makes anyone's radar. (But I guess the difference is that Smith seemed to be sane and calculating, while this woman might be very mentally unstable.)

  • "Roe v. Wade should be overturned so the states can decide the issue" didn't last long. 

  • I'm no sure how Dr. Oz expects to win Pennsylvania by turning his back on the far right like this. 

  • Courting the nutcases in plain sight: "[Last night] Trump shared a picture of himself wearing a Q lapel pin, overlaid with the QAnon phrases 'The Storm is Coming' and 'WWG1WGA,' on his Truth Social account . . . .. The post had been originally shared on Truth Social by an account called 'Patriots in Control,' before Trump re-shared it." 

  • There was a new Law & Order commercial during the Cowboys' game where the fictional DA was seen saying, "I want you to get a conviction, and I don't care how you do it."  Sheesh. We celebrate that?  Then I noticed that John Oliver was already planning to take the show to task on HBO. (Available on YouTube.)

  • TV quick hits: 
    • Succession won the Emmy for Best Drama last night. I'm a big fan. 

    • Better Call Saul has been nominated for 46 Emmys since 2015. It has never won any of them. 
    • I finally started Only Murderers in the Building and What We Do in The Shadows. Both have not disappointed so far. 
  • Those are significant line movements demonstrating that the early bettors were putting their money on Oklahoma and Miami in overwhelming numbers.

  • Remember on Friday when I told you to bet the Under on Cowboy total wins? How's that looking now?