Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

What an understatement on my part.

  • After an (ultimately false) active shooter call yesterday at a school in Houston, SWAT teams entered classrooms in Houston with guns drawn and telling students to get their hands up. Video.  This is what we have become.  But let's get all bent out of shape about kids being traumatized by CRT and books about gays in the library instead, right? 

    • Waco freaked out shortly after that. 

  • Who would have thought that a guy which shows up at the Oval Office with "martial law" written on a yellow pad as part of a plan to overthrow the election and the United States would get his phone seized? Bonus: The FBI approached him in a Hardee's parking lot where he was eating.

  • A man who was school president during Baylor's sexual assault scandal, and turned a land investigation into a crusade against a President over extra-marital sex, certainly led a consequential life. He's now deceased after "surgery complications" in Houston.

    • The Rolling Stone headline is a little harsh. 

  • It may be behind a paywall, but the Star-Telegram obtained the video of the moments before a Navy jet crashed into a Lake Worth residential area in September of 2021. The cause of the crash? A "4.5-pound black vulture was ingested into the jet’s single engine."

  • For swing states across the nation, Lindsey Graham absent-mindedly filmed a commercial for the Democrats yesterday as he proclaimed Republicans will outlaw abortion at the federal level if given the chance. “If we take back the House and the Senate, I can assure you we’ll have a vote on our bill.”

  • That accident occurred within the Brock ISD. Every story like this should included a link to the actual lawsuit. This one does not. 
  • The latest University of Texas/Texas Politics Project poll is probably accurate.

  • Keep an eye on the potential railroad strike. That's big business around here. 

  • Dak injury update:

  • Brittney Griner is still in a Russian prison.
  • Messenger: Above the Fold