Random Thursday Morning Thoughts

That was s a very random bullet point, but I noticed the guy has his own Wikipedia page, yet there's still no explanation as to why he lasted only 74 days.

  • Railroad strike averted.

  • Both Paradise (4:00 p.m.) and Bridgeport (7:30 p.m.) are playing at Jerry World today. 

  • The Wise County Sheriff's Office database site has gone wonky again. This dashboard link isn't working. And the PDF of jail inmates is showing a roster from 2019. Fix this, boys!
  • There was a new twist on the immigration busing stunts yesterday evening. Using children as pawns. 

  • Cold blooded. 

  • A Royal guard collapsed face first. That's a hard fall. Close up video. Further away angle

  • I hadn't really thought about this, but there's one less royalty to care for.

  • Yesterday in the punishment trial of the Parkland mass shooter in Florida, the judge got all bent out of shape.  At the beginning of the day, the defense announced it would rest after having called 25 witnesses. However, earlier in the trial they had told the judge, as a courtesy, that they anticipated 80 witnesses.  Now with the defense resting, the State was caught off guard because they weren't ready with rebuttal. The judge would have to send the jury home.  As a result, the judge got real pissy at the defense and was completely out of line. Video. The defense has the right to change their minds on the number of witnesses, if any, they wish to call, and they don't have to give anyone a heads up about their decision.  The judge looked bad. 

  • Remember that Serial podcast?

  • He probably should campaign on this more. There's a lot of votes out there to get if he did.

  • Let's check on how our Lt. Governor is honoring the separation between church and state with his official state Twitter account. 

  • I'm not sure I knew a Texas Ranger was included as part of the Uvalde suspensions.

  • Texas judge news.

  • A Washington state rookie police officer was suspended a whole 10 hours for this rant. I kind of wanted to hear what else she had to say. Keep going, girl. 

  • Not a word in the Green Bay paper about the growing Brett Favre scandal . . .