Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Random old 9/11 tidbits I had forgotten.

  • "I think I may need to refer you to a big city doctor." He's out 4 to 6 weeks. 

  • The Jerry Walk with the Jones clan to the locker room after a loss looks tense. Video.

  • The superintendent for Northwest ISD passed away suddenly on Friday. All reports just refer to it the result of a "medical emergency."

  • Another serious high school football injury.

  • The big brother of the second grader from Paradise who was killed in the birthday party accident in Rhome caught a touchdown pass last Thursday (on a deflection.) Video.

  • There are lots of headlines this morning about Ukraine making tremendous advances over the last seven days against the Russians. The best I can tell, it's this small area which the Russians have abandoned:

  • A little more pressure to resign from the USA Today.

  • Tailgate fire in Miami Dolphins parking lot yesterday. 

  • Don Jr.'s girlfriend, Kim Guilfoyle, performed a dancing entrance at some spare rally yesterday in Kentucky on 9/11. Video. It's like she was channeling Gloria on Modern Family.

  • My Utah trip to watch a Baylor game quick hits:
    • BYU stadium experience: Incredible. With the mountains all around, the might be the most picturesque setting I've ever seen. And it's the loudest sober crowd you ever seen. 

    • Arches National Park: Huge thumbs up. Worth the trip in an of itself.  (And there is the dark note in that it was at the entrance to that park where Gabby Petito and Brian Laundrie were stopped by police and the encounter caught on bodycam.)
    • Canyonlands National Park: Another big thumbs up as well. It is right beside Arches National Park but a completely different experience. 
    • Mormon Tabernacle in Salt Lake City: Underwhelming. It is significantly smaller than what you would expect. And it doesn't help that it is surrounded by a 10' wall. 
    • A restaurant in Moab was doing some bits.  

    • Salt Lake City Airport has the longest walk between terminals I've ever seen. Seriously. It makes Miami or LaGuardia a small stroll in comparison. 
    • Am I "upset" at going to Utah to end up seeing Baylor lose in a double overtime? Just the opposite. Life is about experiences, and that one was a tremendous one. 
  • Oh, my. Now that the Aggies have lost to Appalachian State (and had only 186 yards in total offense), the video has surfaced from Yell Practice where the Aggies referred to them as a  "hillbilly college."