Random Wednesday Morning Thoughts

To much fanfare, Allen High School's new 18,000 seat, $60 million stadium had its grand opening. It would be shut down two years later due to cracking and $10 million in repairs. 

  • A couple of weeks back a motorcyclist was shot and killed in Azle. That story is getting wild. The deceased man was a member of the Aryan Brotherhood and the shooter had a LGBTQ bumper sticker. Was there a confrontation earlier? Does it matter?  It certainly makes for an interesting criminal case. 

  • This price of gas has fallen for 56 straight days. That explains the inflation numbers just released. 

  • When was the last time he was under oath?

  • Search warrant talk (Federal and Texas):
    • Everyone keeps saying that Trump has "a copy of the warrant" which will "explain the reason for the search" of his Florida home.  He may have a copy, but it wouldn't explain it. There's a huge difference between the warrant (which just authorizes the search) and the search warrant affidavit (which explains in detail the cops' reasons for wanting to search).  The warrant, which is pretty bare-bones, has to be left at the scene. The affidavit does not.  And it's not a public record.
    • Under Texas law, the search warrant affidavit is a public record even if no criminal case is pending. That's one of the greatest laws on the books.  (Tarrant County actually posts the documents online automatically if they were issued by a county judge or county JP.) 
    • There is a huge flaw in the Texas public record law for search warrants at least when it comes to Wise County. You have to figure out which judge issued the warrant (simply by guessing) before you know where to ask for a copy of the affidavit. 
    • Federal law requires that a Return be left which lists what items were taken.  I don't know much about that in federal cases. In Texas, the cops in state cases are really bad about doing so. And they are bad and sloppy about doing so because there is no penalty for failing to leave the Return. 
    • This is from the former leader of the Dallas DA's Appellate Section. I did not know either of these facts which are pretty amazing and stunning. City judges are doing that many?

  • A guy in Frisco who chartered a private jet along with the Little Ball of Insurrection™ has been sentenced to seven days in jail for his part in the riot. Are we trying to encourage Treason? We might as well send out engraved invitations for another attempted to coup to occur.

  • Oh, my.

  • Air travel has been really jacked up over the last three days, and DFW is right at the top.

  • I'm not sure Anne Heche is going to make it after crashing into a house in L.A. after allegedly driving drunk. Man, she was driving fast. (Video.)

  • This will only be interesting only to certain Wise County employees involved in criminal record-tracking, but it will be very interesting to them:
    • I saw this problem coming 20 years ago: Newly filed felony cases are now being assigned the exact cause numbers which had previously been assigned decades ago to misdemeanors, and those misdemeanors are still young enough to also be in the county's Tyler Technologies computer database. 
    • An example is below where a new felony was assigned a a cause number which already belonged to a 1990 misdemeanor. Now an online record search for CR23941 returns both cases. This is going to develop into a problem, right? E-filing, which relies on cause numbers, comes to mind.

  • Pretty amazing: Earlier in the year, all hell broke loose when a Texas district attorney unbelievably charged Lizelle Herrera with murder after an alleged “self-induced abortion.” He later apologized and admitted the 26-year-old it should have never have happened since abortion was legal in Texas. Then comes Dobbs and now DAs might be suspended for not enforcing suddenly triggered abortion laws. 
  • Radio news: I completely missed the WBAP has replaced Brian Estridge on the morning show. He had been paired with Hal Jay since 2009. Estridge claims he knew he would leave "since October" but, if he did, it is very odd that he failed to say goodbye on the air. 
  • Nerdy political stuff: Here's the petition related to the tweet below.

  • Messenger: Above the Fold