Random Monday Morning Thoughts

Technically, McKayla Maroney struck this pose on August 5, 2012.

  • Beto is coming to Decatur this week if this text is correct.

  • This is awful. Yesterday evening, a truck pulling a trailer plowed into a home in White Settlement killing 18 year old Katey Kirkland. The vehicle was so far in the home that only its trailer (covered) was visible.  I think this is the Google streetview link

  • The person driving the fast moving car which killed six in Los Angeles has been identified and arrested. She is a traveling nurse out of Houston who worked for Kaiser Permanente.

  • The City of Rhome has forced out the City Administrator with a "separation agreement" of $100,000+ but confusingly keeps her on at $50 an hour until a replacement is found. The 15 minute, sometimes contentious, meeting is here on YouTube.  

  • The trial of the (poorly labeled) "honor killings" of the two teenage daughters in Irving continues this week. But this note caught my eye as proof that lawyers involved in even the most clear cut cases run into headaches.

  • Friday roundup of stories we've already forgotten about:
    • Alex Jones got hit with a $45.2 million punitive damage verdict.  There's a great deal of confusion as to how Texas' statutory cap on punitive damages will reduce that verdict. The statute says the cap is $750,000 but there are two plaintiffs so that would make it $1.5 million -- which is what Jones' lawyers say. But there is another argument made by the Plaintiffs' lawyer, and at least supported by one case, which says the the cap is $750K per Plaintiff per every "cause of action" they were successful upon which would make it around $9 million.  

    • This was in Pennsylvania and hardly made the news.

    • This occurred in Lafayette Park directly in front of the White House and is a popular tourist destination.

    • What's Amazon really up to here by buying Roomba?

  • They might want to focus on something down there other than screwing over this lady. She has been reassigned to "the position of assistant director of special education."

  • Remember I told you on Friday to be on the lookout for the Republican Party (at least the Trump MAGA faction) using January 6th as a date of martyrdom just like the Nazis rallied around the date of Hitler's first failed coup attempt? Well on display over the weekend at CPAC in Dallas an actor in a cage playing a January 6th arrestee in a jail cell.  Really. Even Qanon Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene -- who spoke at the convention along with Trump, Abbott, Cruz, and every other mainstream Republican -- was there to comfort the crying actor. 

  • Something seems weird about this. He's beloved in Norman and has been there a long, long time. 

  • Everyone is yelling about the price of Insulin online, but I didn't have time for a deep dive.